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Comments below clip,

Frozen in bed, waiting for things to happen. And happen they do. Is it for the better... Just play and try, you won't be disappointed.

Interesting take [phone] on the horror genre. Well done and kudos to all involved.

Not bugs or hiccups.

thank you so much for playing!

@ Aaron Wise,

I think this is the 2nd game I played, made by you. You have a knack for spooky stuff, so I've become a follower of you and am hoping for more goodies in the future.

5 stars for you it is, sir.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate that & yes. Always got more stuff coming soon!

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I Think I Cracked The Game:) an amazing short fancy graphical game with an tree outside LoL.I Love The Fact That We Can Use Phone Is Amazing Its The Most Great Part Of The Phone.Ayo Big Love TO Mr.Kravin

thanks for playing!

This was a fun time! 

Awww thanks Schrimpchu! Loved the video! Make sure to follow me on itchio for more games :D

Thank you! I definitely will! 

The game creeped me out alot, but thought the monster at the end was silly lol. Great job tho!!

thanks! It wasn't meant to be serious lol. 

very cool concept… full gameplay + ending 

Thanks for playing 

I had fun playing this XD  good job i loved it XD keep up the good work. Cant wait too see more :)
Heres my video

thanks so much for playing! Much appreciated as always!

Better late than never :P 

thanks for playing Derek!

Three is a party!:)

Thanks for playing dude!

I definitely loved the vibe. The play style was fun. This was short, sweet, and to the point. I think with a little growth in your monster model, this game will be phenomenal. Good luck to you! Your game starts at 7:05

Thanks for playing :)



thank you so much 

You're welcome!

3 Scary Games!!!

Hope you enjoy!

Is 2nd game I play.

Thank you so much!


thanks mate :)

Your game was the 5th one I played in this video! This is a really cool short horror experience. It doesn't play like a lot of others so it's a nice refresher from all the walking sim style games lol. If I had to give any criticism, it would be that the ending really didn't deliver on the build up, at least for me. I had a great time playing, thank you for making the game!

thanks so much pal!

i love this game it was creepy!but i love it good job for the creators!

thank you!!!

wow this game creeped me out, i liked the idea of the game and even tho how simple and short it was, it's really spooky

i made a video if anyone liked to see my reaction playing it :)

Thanks so much for the kind words! Left you some stuff on Youtube

This one got under my had too

Full Playthrough No Commentary


thanks for playing dude! Much appreciated :)

Another fun time! It's very short, but it's meant to be, it works well as a sort of mini, horror experience.

I found it equally creepy and funny, so go check it out :)

Thank so much for playing. Left you some love on YT!

I love the concept of someone using a dating app to STEAL SKIN (you could say it made my skin crawl), and I feel like you could really go in depth and explore that a lot more. Got stuck for a bit when I didn't know to click the Maps app, but I enjoyed the "trapped" feeling this game creates.


thanks so much for playing!

Interesting little game. My only suggestion would be to get rid of all of the un-usable apps on the iPhone home screen and utilize notification bubbles the way iOS does to make it obvious what app you need to go into to progress the game. I still enjoyed it and can't wait to see what games you make next!

thank you so much!

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This was great; I loved it. I also really love the fleshy rolling blob at the top of the page. xD The game starts at about 11:45 and is the second in a playthrough of three random horror games.

Thank you so much for playing! Left you some love on YT!

OMG! I loved absolutely everything about this game. I want MORE from you. And oh boy I did not expect THIS APP. Such a real-life experience plot. It starts at 1:04:35 

Thanks so much for playing!


Thanks for playing dude! Much appreciated :)

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Simple concept- done amazingly well. The little things like the lamp turning on and off until it shatters and the TV casually turning on scared me... I had a video for it, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, It got deleted before being uploaded as well as another video... but yea... 

So Ito Nalang:


sorry to hear about your video being deleted. Thanks so much for checking it out. At least you got another video up. I left you a like and a comment :)

Thanks :)

I hate that flesh blob gif at the top so much


What are the recommended requirements for proper game operation?


great question. I should probably put these in all of my descriptions from now on.

any modern quad core from i3 would suffice

8gb of ram

And a GT 1050ti 4gb would be great 

i had no idea what to expect lol, this was creepy!!!! 

thanks for playing Amber! Left you some stuff on YouTube!

Thank you so much!!!! 

Common Goblin Gaming plays!

New youtuber plays

Katana Special for the win!

Cool intro

Max Horror Plays

Bro another hit! I should have had this video out long ago but I ran into computer issues and whatnot. But I finally got it out! I hope you enjoy my friend!

you are never to late my friend. Thanks so much for playing and making a video. I really appreciate it. 

Oh.. it is a must!!!

Love this game, be careful of who you talk to on the internet.


Thanks so much for playing! Great thumbnail! 

This game game me some real chills.. mostly from that tree outside though.. thing is creepy 

thanks so much for playing! 

I was already creeped out by the title but this was super good! Really unsettling story! Great job! 

Thanks so much for checking it out! Love the thumbnail!

This game had some interesting aspects but I think it could have been a lot more! The main problem with the game was the ambience and the execution of the anxiety that it built. It did a good job at building anxiety with the map feature and the text messages but the actual ending itself was a little disappointing. Than again that's just my opinion and I hope that criticism helps you in future developments! Keep up the good work!

   - CrazyCheesePuf

thanks buddy for the kind words and review. Yeah I totally agree it could have been more but at the moment, time is short & im having to leave ambiguous endings to let the player decide what they felt happened. That being said, there are plans to work on something else within this story in the future. 

I appreciate you taking the time to write to me & I will make sure I do you proud on the next one :)


Right here....this is why I'm staying single! I get to avoid situations like these! This was really great, a little short but that's okay! Great set up, and great scare at the end! All around, it's a good game! 

Thanks dude! Much appreciated. Left you some love on Youtube. Keep up the grind, you are doing well : )

You're welcome! Of course! Thank you, I really appreciate it! I look forward to more games!! :)


bro this was kinda borin


thanks man, much like this comment ;)

no problem <3

i had a lot of fun playing this! thanks, bro. looking forward to more :)

Thanks so much for playing! Really enjoyed your video & left you some love on YouTube :)


Mr Kravin Plays You have perfect skin!

Hell yeah!!


oh hell yeah bruh!

Ohhhh bbrrrrell yeah bruhhhhh!!

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