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A game about love.

A game about wanting a connection with someone.

A game about the value of your skin.

This game was made from a short story by a friend & youtuber Mr Kravin.


I added the phone UI and some extra story elements & scripted events to flesh (no pun intended) it out. The game is based around a person who is in a new relationship with someone online & they are not all they appear to be. Please note I am purposely keeping this creature out of the screenshots to avoid ruining the big reveal!


Mouse - Look around
Left click - Interact with phone

There are no movement controls for walking etc etc as this is more of an interactive experience. Soak up the atmosphere & enjoy playing with your phone in bed as you await.... Something.


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This game game me some real chills.. mostly from that tree outside though.. thing is creepy 

thanks so much for playing! 

I was already creeped out by the title but this was super good! Really unsettling story! Great job! 

Thanks so much for checking it out! Love the thumbnail!

This game had some interesting aspects but I think it could have been a lot more! The main problem with the game was the ambience and the execution of the anxiety that it built. It did a good job at building anxiety with the map feature and the text messages but the actual ending itself was a little disappointing. Than again that's just my opinion and I hope that criticism helps you in future developments! Keep up the good work!

   - CrazyCheesePuf

thanks buddy for the kind words and review. Yeah I totally agree it could have been more but at the moment, time is short & im having to leave ambiguous endings to let the player decide what they felt happened. That being said, there are plans to work on something else within this story in the future. 

I appreciate you taking the time to write to me & I will make sure I do you proud on the next one :)


Right here....this is why I'm staying single! I get to avoid situations like these! This was really great, a little short but that's okay! Great set up, and great scare at the end! All around, it's a good game! 

Thanks dude! Much appreciated. Left you some love on Youtube. Keep up the grind, you are doing well : )

You're welcome! Of course! Thank you, I really appreciate it! I look forward to more games!! :)


bro this was kinda borin


thanks man, much like this comment ;)

i had a lot of fun playing this! thanks, bro. looking forward to more :)

Thanks so much for playing! Really enjoyed your video & left you some love on YouTube :)


Mr Kravin Plays You have perfect skin!

Hell yeah!!


oh hell yeah bruh!

Ohhhh bbrrrrell yeah bruhhhhh!!

That Game Was Awesome...

thanks nick! Great seeing you play the game and your video was great!

Your Welcome ! Awesome Game You Make Keep It Up!


The game broke for me in two parts - first one is when I got the call, I couldn´t see my cursor for accepting/rejecting the call.

Second time after the another person shared his location with me, I was unable to do anything on phone, nor to close it. So I was forced to alt+F4 force close the game.


You are not actually given controls during those sequences so they have actually played out as should have. 

Thanks for playing :)

Really enjoyed this and we broke the game LOL

Thanks for playing buddy!

This was really cool! Such a creepy concept, and I loved how "in the background" some of the spooky stuff was. Had a little trouble with the phone, but nothing game breaking. Overall, this was a great experience! Good job as always!

Thanks for checking it out man. Appreciate it. I’ve noticed some people do have a little issue with it & some people don’t. I’d love to drill down what specifically causes these issues but during my testing and with other people I didn’t experience any of these. That being said, I’ll be dropping a small patch tomorrow that fixes that at the end. 

As always, appreciate the effort you put into the video as always & at least no women were left alone in this game right? So I guess that’s a plus XD 

LMAO no women left behind! Can't wait to see what you come out with next!!

Ooooh haiiiiii


Good game. a bit short, but suspenseful.


thanks for playing. Yeah, I like to release these little games now & then whilst I continue to work on the bigger stuff just so people who follow me have something to play. Thanks for checking it out :)

Good game. I can't wait to play it

thanks! Let me know when you do :)


nice scary

Thanks Queen! Thanks for the follow also!



Good game.

Thanks so much for playing!


Good Game I didnt have any problems and had fun Good Job👍

Thanks so much for playing bro. Left you some love on YouTube!

Really creepy and atmospheric experience, I love the unsettling feeling Aaron has in his games that usually come from part of the game having very realistic sounds and visuals and part of it being a little off, it's such a weird combo that I feel like it gives the games a very unique feeling for horror. And the idea behind the game with the phone and GPS system was creepy until the very end, well done, another banger from TBF Games 🤘


Thanks man!

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Great experience.

Thanks so much for playing! Left you a comment and a sub on YouTube. Don’t forget to follow me on itchio for more games coming soon 


Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, very creepy and weird experience with an uncomfortable story by Mr Kravin which is quite interesting, good work putting the story in the game with your style Aaron :)


Thanks so much for playing Stella! Left you a comment on your video! 


One of the best and weirdest experiences in the game I've had, really good one, especially the story, great job. Thanks Aaron, I've been the fan for a long time, great short game. Here is a video for the better review. Looking forward to more projects from you. 

Hi Niven, thanks so much for playing! Really appreciate the kind words. I left you a comment on your page & left you a like also as I’m already subscribed anyway :) more coming soon 


Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

I was immediately attracted by the title of the game as I really wondered what the storyline for a game like this will be like and surprisingly, it was an interesting story but I felt that there was a lack of interaction with the surroundings and more could have been done to enhance the gameplay and horrifying mood and atmosphere of the game. It would be cool if the player can interact with objects around him and even search up information about the man. If the player could move around the house after the man sent him his location would make the whole environment even more scary and tense, creating suspense before the man shows up.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

Hey man, thanks for playing & thanks so much for the review. I appreciate your time doing this. Yeah, those are some pretty good ideas & that would certainly improve the tension tenfold. I could definitely work on this still & add a future update, so maybe I will do that when I am free.

I left you a comment & subbed to your channel. :)