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Enjoy classic retro action in the comfort of your own home!
Full stereo sound!
Colorful graphics with realistic animations!
An engaging story featuring creatures of the night!
A killer soundtrack composed by Aaron Wise & Adhesive Wombat!
Voice acting by Ryan Brown! 

a faint light burns in the highest window - & in the town below, people disappear!

Face danger & excitement as you climb Wolf Tower to rid the evil that resides inside!

Wolf Tower was made in 3 weeks for the "A game by its cover" game-jam in which we had to make a game based on a fake game cartridge label. There was a choice of 10,000 fake games but Wolf Tower won me over with its simplistic (but challenging) look and limited color palette.

Essentially the controls are point & click. Manage your turns & make sure you survive & enjoy the story in this classic commodore64 style game. 

Extract the .rar or.zip file using WinRar (its free) & launch the Wolf Tower.exe to play

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Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorAaron Wise
GenreSurvival, Action, Adventure, Role Playing
Tags2D, 3D, First-Person, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer


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Wolf Tower V1.2.zip 507 MB


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Your game was made in 5 days and honestly was funny and did a lot for such a short game jam, thanks for making it my guy. I included it on one of my streams and put it in a compilation if you wanna see my reaction 

Thanks so much for playing!

Well, this was bizarre. I liked the humor and the weird Instagram page. It ended way too suddenly!


thanks man. Yeah just something quick and weird made for a 5 day game jam

damn i though my pc was possessed when a certain moment from the video triggered the start of the FPS. What kind of witchery stuff is this


lol! Thanks so much for playing my crazy ass game 

a really special game…


Was strange and yet strangely interesting. That shotgun tho

5 days man.... 5 days. 

I know man I was just having fun with it

I love it man! Freaking awesome homage! I am always impressed when a game comes out like this and is made in short in such a short time! Bro I am so ready for your new projects!!!!

Thanks so much for playing man. Best video I have seen! Everyone go watch this!

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for playing dude. Left you some stuff on YouTube


This game is pretty enjoyable. Having a sudden twist from an Atari like rpg game to suddenly killing actual werewolves with your trusty shotgun. It was actually confusing on what to once you are out of the Atari like game and it did took me quite a while to figure out what to do. I still am confused on how to get to the next place after picking up the shotgun. Other than that I love the look of the game overall because of how minimalistic it looks and it was a blast gunning down werewolves!


Thanks so much for playing Allekid. For some reason, I don't know why, but some people are able to interact with the door right away and some others are having to press"E" multiple times. Very strange. The good news is it worked for you & you were able to carry on blasting away at those pesky werewolves. Thanks again for playing. Left you a sub on YT!

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thanks so much man. I really appreciate you playing! 

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I had a Blast (Get it ) XD I loved Playing this game XD it was very fun XD and enjoyable XD keep up the good work XD also i really enjoyed the arcade machine too XD very nice. here's my video https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x83whwx

always great to see your videos! Thanks so much for playing! Really appreciate it :)

Double Feature with Wolf Tower

Hey Aaron! Thanks again for making this game, I enjoyed it so very much. Loved the multi style, multi mini game that you had going on, quite impressive and honestly, I didn´t think you were releasing an Adventure type of game, congrats! 

Thanks so much Anii. Yeah, just a quick little experiment I had going on in my head for this one. glad you liked it.




loved this playthrough 

Very cool, quirky game. I really enjoyed playing this one, and it has some fun surprises and details :)

Thanks man!

Some really interesting storytelling, don't want to spoil but has a good twist!

Thanks for playing Miranda!

Does the black square on Instagram mean something more, or is it just a black square? I analyzed it in photoshop, looked at the metadata, and the only thing I could come up with was the jpg has a "special instruction" attached.

if you adjust the brightness, you’ll see something. The person in charge of the ARG implementation will be adding more as time goes along. Make sure to follow the account for updates 

I'm not sure, but insta may be messing with it? Like you can't "save" the photos, so I went into the developer tools from chrome and downloaded it raw. Then I put in in GIMP and brightened it up

Unless we're meant to brighten it on insta itself, it may be broken?


I’ll send this over to the ARG guy who did it and get back to you 


hi, it should have now been updated. Please note there is more being updated to the account soon so make sure to follow

Thank you, I for sure will check it out. Considering I may be the first one who started in on it... I kinda feel committed! :)


Yeah, I get that. I appreciate your continued support!

Nice playthrough!

Without giving away any spoilers just gonna say the game has such a good surprise factor and then again and again, very cool game, very refreshing and unique in the indie games' scene, good work Mr Aaron 👏👏👏


🥲 thank you breh


Very nice game. I liked how it kept changing the game that was being played.

Thanks for being the first uploaded. Much appreciated. Left you some love on YT!


really dig the different styles. Must have been a cool concept to work on. Good job on making this in 5 days. That’s pretty cool

thanks for playing!

Played it. Loved it. I like your visual style here & how you carry the style from the sprite based beginning over to the 3D aspects like the colours. Very cool. 

For a game jam game I think you’ve put a lot of effort in here & didn’t see the switch of styles happening. That was an awesome surprise. Great job, looking forward to seeing more from you 

thanks for the kind words 

congrats on finishing the game jam & doing all of this in 5 days! Super impressive. I like how you have several styles going on in this game. You have the traditional Commodore 64 style, the 2D pixel sprite found in the original doom games, you have the stylised materials for the forest and water level and the tower. All in all, a great little game that will highlight the technical prowess of the design. Again, literally done in 5 days! Super impressed with how you are coming along with all of this. 

Thanks! I appreciate you noticing the styles and the effort. Appreciate you guys!