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***UPDATE*** If you are using V1.3 or earlier, please download V1.4 & play

The theme for the game jam was "Transformation" & for this I decided to try my hand at a old school fixed camera angle horror game.

Set after a breakdown of your car, you decide to go find help which leads you to a nearby house. Inside, you discover that experiments are being completed on people transforming them into horrible creatures. 

Trapped & with seemingly no way out, you must descend further into the house, uncover the truth & escape with your life.

The game is intended to be played in one sitting. It takes approximately 30-45 minutes to play through. 

Make sure to EXPLORE & look for keys, puzzles & weapons!

Special thanks to:
Sarah Reeves for her vocal talents on the final song.

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Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorAaron Wise
GenreSurvival, Adventure
Tags3D, Adult, Global Game Jam, Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Unreal Engine, Zombies


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Really cool to see a modern fixed-camera horror game! Unfortunately my game crashed when I started the train, so I have to agree with other people saying a checkpoint system would've been nice. Still, I really love what you did here, I can only imagine how much effort went into the camera system itself. 

Keep it up!

Thanks dude! Much appreciated. 

Tried out the game!

Tried out the video!

really did enjoyed the game very nice job XD , i just wish there was checkpoints ( and i know the game said there wasnt) but still it was a good game and i loved it XD https://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x82u471 

I know. I’m sorry XD next time I do a longish game I will be implementing checkpoints. Thanks so much for checking it out though. Really appreciate it :)

I totally had to replay the game like 3 times lol. I forgot to  unmute my mic smh. This was your first game like this right? Because it was really dope. The only issues I had were some camera issues and I totally broke something at the end of the video lol. Loved it man. I would love to see more of this too!

Thanks bro. Appreciate you sticking with it. I will most likely do something with this in the future. Stay tuned for more :)

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for playing!

Very fun! I'm genuinely terrible at it, but it looks great, feels nice to play, the story's fun and it's creepy, everything you'd want, basically :)

Here's a short, edited video on it (with no endings), if you'd like to check it out before you download!


thanks so much Dreya! Glad you liked it : )

Hey man, just wanted to say I really thought this game was cool. Great job for such a small amount of time :)

thanks! Awesome name btw


Noirmouse plays The Jouse the Dead Built https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1059485389

The game's ok and is also fun as well. Though it would be really nice to have some checkpoints in the game. 

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Thanks for playing! Yeah checkpoints would have been great had I had time to implement them. Thanks for checking out the game though. Much appreciated :)


This is hands-down your most impressive work yet. I was blown away by how fun it was just to walk around and shoot things. You absolutely nailed the retro tank controls, especially by giving it a modern twist. Being able to turn the mouse was a game changer, and made me want to play more games with that control setup. The environments were cool, and there were definitely some heart-pounding moments. I hope to see more projects like this from you, because it seems to fit your style really well. Awesome job Aaron, and good luck in the jam results!


Thank you senpai !!!’



yes me

This game's pretty cool. I can tell a lot of effort went into it. I think I made it to the final boss but I'm not sure because I died and I just couldn't restart from the beginning yet again. It's painful to do it all again when you die. It will definitely be a much better game when it has some checkpoints. Also, the cameras can get pretty frustrating because sometimes you're stuck off camera and it just refuses to change angles to let you see yourself. It's a fun game though. But can be very time consuming if you die a few times.

Thanks for playing buddy! Much appreciated. Yeah unfortunately the game doesn't have these features due to the game jam limitations. I get where you are coming from though. Most of the games going forward will have them, but it's just unfortunate I couldn't include them this time round :) love the video

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hi ..create page https://gamejolt.com/ here place dev :*

I will look at posting all my games on gamejolt. Thanks for the tip :)

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I recommend to play the game then watch the video to avoid spoilers!!!

Let me start with the positives the game is fun, it has Resident Evil vibes with fixed camera spots and monsters to kill in most areas. The shooting is satisfying and the setup is creepy and gets you in the mood. The puzzles are straight forwards and the notes gives a back story to what is happening in the game. Now some camera switches leaves the player off camera which can be annoying to not know where the player is and you may take damage if you're not prepared. Areas are different and has a good variety to it. Now the games down fall is not having checkpoint which makes takes a lot to go through specially the last areas coz it takes a long time to reach where you died which I think is a shame coz checkpoints would have made this game sooo much better. Also you got to be careful in some areas coz you may get stuck I got stuck 3 times in different areas and guess what you have to repeat from THE BEGINNING just to continue the game. Now I recommend this game if you're okay with that but keep in mind this game is challenging and it take a lot to go through but fun if you enjoy Resident Evil games.

Thanks so much for playing! I really appreciate the thorough detail. Very fair commentary. Do you know if you were playing Version 1.4 as stated in the description as a lot of the issues were fixed late this afternoon. If not, don’t worry. 

In regards to checkpoints I 100% agree they would have been a great idea. My only reason for not having them was literally time constraints. I am currently studying my masters degree in game development, working & finding time to squeeze these in along with my personal projects for steam. 

That being said, still a very valid point. I will definitely address these issues in the next game/update & will ensure you enjoy yourself without frustration on the next one. Once again, thanks so much for playing & the kind words. Left you a few bits on YT. 


Looking forward to the update my man! I will definitely check it out!! Good stuff as always!!


Another great game by Aaron, love the oldschool fixed camera angles but improved by additional mouse controls for the player, really felt like a step up on a formula itself. Exploration and combat feels really good and rewarding, surprised how this game was done in such a short amount of time too, so many environments and multiple weapons to choose from with a creepy story behind it all. Well done, another great addition to the TBF Games. 👏👏👏


Thank you Vidas :)


Mr Kravin played the game!