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If my cat was in the game, he wouldn't have been stopped by the essence in the box....

Haha that is one brave cat! Thanks so much for playing!

Deleted 34 days ago

thanks so much for playing! 

Deleted 34 days ago

The house model is nice and the wife animation is funny man had a good laugh and creepy vibes

Thanks buddy!

I liked! It´s simple but very scary. Played here :)


thanks for playing l!


love your game :):):) and your content 


thanks so much for playing! Left you a sub and a like my friend 

El efecto del abismo dentro de la caja es de lo mejor que tiene este juego. Ojalá crearan algún juego para visitar el otro lado. Juego corto y divertido.

Muchas gracias por jugar. De hecho, me gusta tu punto sobre la exploración del abismo dentro de la caja. tal vez podría volver a visitar esto en el futuro. gran idea.

full gameplay + Ending 

Thanks for playing friend. I liked your video and left a sub

1st game, still finding the correct audio mix

1 question though, was that intentional? the mouse clicking?

Thanks for playing. Not sure what you mean though? The game tells you where to go and only a few select items can be interacted with. There shouldn't be any heavy use of clicking so I'm assuming you just chose to click everything 

Nice Game!!!

That's My Video On It :)


Thanks for playing man! Left you a comment and a like. 

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Thank's Brotha

Usually surprise packages are nice, not tonight. Might have to return this one.

Thanks for playing! Make sure to check out wolf tower for a surprise!

My wife left the stove on and she regrets everything.

This was quite fun! I've mostly been walking around the block, checking on the neighbor's, since my wife did not respond with "burn it all" the second the box was in my home.

I also loved the short movie, that inspired this game (I presume) 

Thanks so much for playing dude!

Yeah I am thinking he likes watching ALTER as well...

Nice game !

Thanks for playing!

Juego increible! aqui un gameplay en español.


That was fun. :)

Thanks so much for playing !

Never trust late night packages! Especially the ones that you did not request haha I like the different elements implemented in the game that you normally don't see in indie horror projects, i.e. the camera cutting away for the gameplay, stopping gameplay so the player will listen to dialogue, even leaving the main area of the game and coming back. They would've been a lot better if fine-tuned to be fluid with the gameplay, but they still act as something much different than what's typically seen.

Great Work!


thanks mate! I really appreciate you saying so. Yeah, just need players to relax from time to time & behave and play the game as it’s intended XD

This was a very interesting concept. I like it. Although now I'll never trust box in my life again.

hey man, thanks so much for checking out the game & sorry I’ve given you future nightmares hehe

Aaron the frickin wise! My homie Heir And Animal been playin all your games and I finally decided to check you out.. and your a straight up savage lmao. The weird concept and style of the game is a literal masterpiece! I’m going to be checking out each and everyone of your games! Loved it so much!

dude! Thanks so much! Welcome to the party & you are a legend!

Haha thanks my dude I’m always gonna be ready to play your games.. also what’s the connection between you, trial by fire, and Matt reeves? Are you and Matt reeves trial by fire but you guys also make your solo games?

I am trial by fire. That’s the indie studio name.

Matt reeves is his own developer. Matt was the one who started me on game development & we are good friends.

Does this game have jumpscares? Just curious!

maybe one jumpscare. But it’s not really meant to be a horror game 

Ok!Thanks for telling me

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you for all the support and help by playing my game. I really appreciate it 


Send it to PO BOX 7135, Buckingham Palace

I featured this in my video (8:32)


Extra Cheesy!

Deleted 1 year ago


This game was a ton of fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Thanks so much! 

Love the box's creature. 

Thanks so much for playing!

alpha beta gamer played the box 

I found the cutscenes a bit forced but other than that it was pretty good

thanks so much for playing! 

omg this is a creepy game i like it please like and subscribe please i'm trying to reach 200 subscribers

Thanks so much for playing. I’ve dropped you some love on YT. Make sure you keep growing organically though & don’t do sub for sub. I’ve got some great stuff coming to itchio soon, so make sure you are following to be the first to play new releases. 

oh ok bet

Hey man, you did a great job with this for 5 days! I feel like with some more time you could make something really awesome. I'll keep following you if you make anything else, but I had a great time with this one regardless. Thanks for sharing it! 

Thanks so much for the kind words. Left you some love on YT!

I really enjoyed the concept of this game tbh! and for only 5 days it took to create it is amazing for its time! I had problems placing the box down for some reason. I kinda expected how it would end but apart from that Really good short horror and is worth playing.

Thanks for the kind words! Much appreciated! 

Awesome little horror game, another game I think would be cool to have an extended version.

Thanks so much for playing. Make sure to check out he keeps me here. Thanks for supporting me :)


I'm assuming this game is based off the 2020 Short Film "Other Side of the Box?" If so great Execution! The Game and Film are both Amazing! 


It actually wasn’t. Prior to this release I hadn’t seen it, but, I have seen it now. There are only a few things that are similar and they are a stretch at that. But I can see how people are connecting the two. Yeah the short film was great & definitely nightmare fuel. 

im russian i found this game amazing you get russian praise 

Thanks Edgar! 

I love your country by the way! Thanks for playing!

Nice game

Thanks for playing!

I made two screenshots :P



Больше забавно, чем страшно)


really enjoyed this! please check out my play through below x 

thanks so much for playing the game. I liked the video. Left you some love on YouTube with a sub/comment & a like :)


Good job Aaron :)

WOOOOO! Thanks so much Abbey x

I really like how cinematic this game is. Almost like playing a movie in a sense. Awesome voice acting too. No real issues honestly except maybe that (spoiler) the jumpscare was missing the JUMP part lol. I had a fun time playing and I appreciate you making it! Here's my experience if you're interested. Also... here it comes.... WHAT'S IN THE BOXXXX??? 

Thanks so much for playing! Left you a few things on YouTube ;)

What's in the baahhhhhxxx


Brad Pitt


Can I have one of those mysterious bahxes, then??


of course!

Can I have Brad Pitt


I saw a lot of people making fun of the voice acting in this game, but I actually thought it was genuine. Anyways this game was a nice little indie horror game so keep up the great work my friend! 

Thanks man. I really appreciate the kind words. Thanks for playing & left you some love on youtube : )

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