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Created by Aaron Wise & Vidas Salavejus

The Falmouth University Global Game Jam theme for this year was Lost & Found.
I wanted to tell a story about pain & suffering because so many people go through this each day. Loss can mean many things & to some people it's the only escape.

There are people around you who love you & care about you & no matter what you are thinking or feeling, it is never the answer. I have struggled with depression over the last year & I have had many experiences in my life with death.

Please enjoy this narrative experience for what it is.






Thanks to Vidas Salavejus for all your help creating this game. 


Buy Now£1.00 GBP or more

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A gorgeous game that reminds people to put a lot into perspective, despite how easy it is to get caught up in everything else going on around you. Great job Aaron!

thank you so much for playing! Glad you liked it & appreciate the support

Thanks for making this Aaron! The most emotional game I´ve played from your creations... The music was beautiful, the VA fabulous as usual (very appropriate for the game, very well executed) the change in the ambiance was like a truck of reality, hitting in the most fragile moment. An emotional rollercoaster. I did encounter a couple of bugs and some unfinished parts of the scenery, it´s understandable since this game was made under 48 hours. Either way, great job Aaron!

Thanks so much for playing Anii. I really appreciate it :)

A short, but beautiful experience! Great work, Aaron :)


Thanks so much for playing :)


Great game. I didn't really know what to expect going in. Very atmospheric... depressing. Nice music and graphics. I think I may have ran into a bug.. but maybe not? Here's my playthrough.


Hey! Thanks so much for playing my game. To answer your question right away, yeah that would have been a bug. Unfortunately due to time restraints we had to submit with 50 minutes to spare otherwise all the hard work would have been dismissed. I think when you are dealing with game jam games and especially stuff on ultra tight deadlines things will inevitably be missed. 

That being said I totally agree with you that there could have been more done to indicate where you should head and give you a better sense of direction but I’m glad you persevered and finished the game. I’m glad you liked the game for what it was and also for understanding the theme. I’ve dropped you a like and sub on YouTube. Thanks again for your support on this project :)


Awesome video, thanks for playing Sea of Trees, Aaron did an amazing job in such a short amount of time and I'm glad to see that you appreciate the game and its message.


An emotional and sad story, I really liked the visuals, sound and music complimenting each other so well and presenting the story in such a sad way. Atmospheric, emotional, a bit creepy, rich storytelling, soundtrack that makes you cry, really well done.


Thanks so much for playing and for all the help during development. It’s given me a lot to think about over the course of next week for university. I’m glad I had this experience and I’m glad it was a shared one.