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Welcome to SCP Facility Site-19, where contamination protocols are in full effect.




Site-19 is the largest and one of the most important Foundation facilities currently in operation, housing hundreds of Safe- and Euclid-class anomalies, some located within additional Facilities separate from the main Site. Site-19 also has dedicated laboratories for the processing and storage of Anomalous Items not warranting their own Special Containment Procedures. Site-19 security is prioritized since the danger of containment breaches & cross-contamination is heightened by the large number of anomalous objects contained in one location. Despite these dangers, Site-19 staff are notorious for their casual approach to low-risk anomalies.

Notable Incidents: [DATA REDACTED]

This information is strictly prohibited.


You are a member of D-class personnel who has awoken during a facility-wide contamination lockdown. As per company guidelines, the facility is now being reduced to rubble via the "On-Site Nuclear Warhead Protocol". You must escape the facility by navigating through the labs, basement areas & SCP classes that now roam free. Please be aware that the cross-contamination effect of some of the SCP has resulted in Site-19 being declared as its own SCP class yet to be defined. However, doctors have set Site-19 as Keter class.

Protocol Outlines:

All major Foundation sites are to be outfitted with an on-site nuclear warhead. In the case of a major containment breach, where it is believed that anomalies will make mass and unrecoverable, contact with a baseline human populace, this warhead is to be detonated to ensure the continued success of the Foundation's mission.

Each warhead is outfitted with remote detonation capabilities, and, given the proper authorization codes, can be activated at any major Foundation site. However, due to the possibility of communicational interference that could be caused by a containment breach, all warheads may also be activated manually, and on-site. If a warhead is detonated in this manner, it is assumed that the site was under a severe and otherwise irrecoverable containment breach, and thus, there will be no countdown.

Unlike containment breaches, contamination breaches are harder to maintain, often leading to site-wide destruction. This is due to the unpredictable nature of the result. Please be advised of the following SCP when navigating Site-19.

| SCP-087   | SCP-294     | SCP-500    | SCP-109
| SCP-096   | SCP-860     | SCP-714    | SCP-079
| SCP-012   | SCP-1459  | SCP-014    | SCP-895
| SCP-939   | SCP-049     | SCP-025    | SCP-131
| SCP-205   | SCP-372     | SCP-034    | SCP-993

More SCPs are being added as development continues. 

The full version of SCP: Contamination features the following gameplay mechanics

| Bodycam style found footage
| Nightvision Camera Mode
| Underwater Sections
| Vaulting & Matle System
| First-Person Perspective
| Different SCP to discover
| SCP Universe Lore
| Story Driven Narrative adventure
| Interactable Objects
| Realistic Graphics made in Unreal Engine 5
| Saving & Loading
| Stealth
| Inventory System
| Easter Eggs
| Dynamic Lighting using Lumen

Please wishlist SCP: Contamination on Steam & any support you give the project will help!

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Published 29 days ago
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorAaron Wise
TagsAtmospheric, bodycam, Creepy, demo, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Walking simulator


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I decided to try and attempt this game and the graphics look nice and decent. However, as I descended about past level 32 instead of getting darker i assume? It only got brighter.  I am down at level 59 with the brightest flashbang of a screen to walk down. I can't see down at all or up and I am so confused and I'm thinking this isn't intended..


yeah this is a known engine bug when you set your shadows to low. Just having them set to anything else will fix that for you. 

Nice! I'm excited to see what comes in the future!

thanks so much friend


Thank you very much! Appreciate you playing. I left you a sub on YT :)

ngl this game is a 10/10. bro this game is decent and still one of my fav scp games tbh. the textures are nice and overall i like the game. Not bad, i will wait for the full release on steam dude!!

Mark, thank you so much, dude. I appreciate that!

yeah, np dude!

0/10 couldn't make it to floor 69. lmao

Nah but really, this is pretty decent. I like the lower quality textures and the video effects. The sound design is pretty good and mechanics are pretty intuitive. I will say I find the zoom feature kinda... useless. Unless in the full game the zoom comes in handy or is practical. But I really liked this none-the-less. I do wish I could've made it to floor 69. :(

lmaoooo. You know…. I’m convinced. I’ll add floor 69. Then immediately after that floor 420. Yeah, the zoom function will be a more fleshed out feature in the full game. Thanks for playing though & glad you enjoyed it


OMG! Thanks for playing!

Can you make a version for mac please!!!!!!!

Unfortunately it’s not that simple. To build for Mac you need a Mac to begin with. Perhaps in the future I will run a Mac so I can cater for both.

actually. Let me see if I can reach out to someone who can possibly do this for me.

hey it have multiplayer. I apreciate it

the final game won’t have MP. Sorry. 


appreciate you playing friend.


w game 

Thank you so much for playing!

your so welcome 

Just cleaning some stairs in my maid outfit...

haha! Amazing. Thank you so much for playing!

Scary game

Appreciate it!

I rather enjoyed the atmosphere despite how much 087 is used

I encountered a glitch towards the end where everything turned pure white and i couldn't see anything, but otherwise the presentation and atmosphere was great.

I am curious to see how the finish project turns out.

Hi, thank you for that. The issue in question is when you have your shadows set to low. This is currently a known engine bug in the latest version of Unreal Engine so will be removing this in the final build.

I had so much fun with this demo, graphics are great, sound and atmosphere are incredible and make this a genuinely scary experience, probably the best version of SCP-087 I have played. Can't wait for the full release and what else is to come. 

That means so much to me! I really appreciate that!

Hello, the demo is really good the graphics are amazing and so is the voice acting!  The atmospheric sounds were really creepy which i loved!  I can't wait to play the full release of the game is there a tentative release date or release year for the full game?  I can't wait to play it for my audience Below is my playthrough of  your game!

Unfortunately, I am just one person working on the game. The final game will probably be around 4 hours long at this rate with this section serving as the opening chapter. The opening will be different when the full version is released "HOPEFULLY" this year.

that's understandable  if you have a character that needs  to be voiced id love to help out all I ask is to be credited at the end of the game during end credits. let me know I love this project!

I will certainly keep it in mind

Great Game!

Thank you!

Good stuff! Wonder what I'm gonna find in the full game. In this you descend down to your deepest corners of your mind and find secret protocol tape.

So 087 is just going to be the opening of the game with the ending playing out very differently in the final version!

Great demo! The full version specs have me excited!

Appreciate the kind words!

Good demo, can't wait for the full version!

Thank you so much

Absolutely amazing  demo game! I enjoyed playing the game well done keep it up

This comment is driving me forward!

I had such a fun time playing! I can't wait to see the final game. I generally loved the atmosphere and suspense and the interactions of the two characters. I do know that in the final game it may be very different but still can not wait to see more and the other SCP's. Very fun demo :))))

You are the best! Thank you so much!

deff gonna play this when it drops fully

thank you so much for playing!


I'll be honest, visuals looked amazing. I'm curious how you're gonna implement the other scps. Really hope this goes well for you and can't wait to see the full release of it. I did enjoy the sassy scientist and the d-class protag. :)

thank you jester!

I really did enjoy this Demo ^^. Very nicely done. I cant wait til the full thing comes. The only thing i would tweak is the brightness down a tad not by much cause i felt i was walking back up. But other then that it was a good demo ^^ heres my video 

thanks so much for playing!

Thanks for the demo it was amazing and so freaking realistic ,I look forward for the full game (I hope it wont be expensive (ó﹏ò 。)) Here is my gameplay if anyone is interested


Thank you so much! Once I know how much work I have put into it at the end, I will settle on a price. 

Hello! I would like to say some SCPs to do in the full game, these are suggestions, obviously. 

SCP-099 The portrait

SCP-249 The ramdon door

SCP-6967 Free fallin'

SCP-001-J The Big Red Button

SCP-010 Collars of control

I could say more, but I think these are enough suggestions.

I tried the game and it's excellent! I wanted to say some SCPs in case you don't know what more SCPs do. 

Good luck with your project!!! ^_^


Thank you. I will check them out :)

A small representation of SCP classics - nice job!

thank you! Can’t wait for the rest to be shown off


itch horror devs will never learn how to optimise their games lol


eh? Upgrade your potato, maybe?

(1 edit)

I loved this game and I don't think I've seen a realistic body cam scp game before. I can't wait to see the final product!

thank you so much!

This is one of many shorts I made for the game <3  

appreciate the post!

Absolutely loved playing this game. made some funny scenes and now in the motion of making shorts.  

dope! Thank you so much!

This game looks amazing, I really enjoyed playing it. May have confused 087 with 096 during my video, someone needs to label these guys better.  Can’t wait for more SCP additions.

there really is a lot of different ones so I don’t blame you. Thanks for the video!

Nice atmosphere. 

thanks so much for playing!



Dope game! Me and the channel had a blast playing this! Made for some great commentary too. I got hit with a scare SUPER hard !!

haha I enjoyed watching it. Left you a sub!

Checking other peoples videos i think my game actually glitched out, it seems like it was supposed to get darker but for me it got brighter, still a good game up until i got blinded lol 


yeah, playing on low shadows causes this. It’s currently a known engine bug and I will remove this option from the final game. Thank you for playing though

no worries was still a enjoyable experience!



The Atmosphere is AMAZING!

very kind of you to say so. Thank you so much ☺️ 

Absolutely terrifying i dont even know if i wanna play the full game lmao 9/10 from me cant wait to see what you do next! -~Wang

Appreciate the kind words. Much appreciated! 


Thank you so much!

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