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Narrative Nightmares: Trilogy of Terror is a collection of 3 narrative-driven, text-based adventure games & visual novels.  The goal was simple, 3 friends creating a game each centered around the old-school visuals of simple storytelling. 
Each game in the collection in the collection is hand-crafted, telling a story while offering simple gameplay mechanics that anyone can enjoy. 

What do you get?


- 3 games, all with their own unique story & mechanics to help you discover the truth.

- An interactive launcher featuring "The Bookkeeper".

- Multiple endings to each game giving you lots of replayability.

- Social links to connect with the developers.


- Forgotten 13: Written by Aaron Wise
A freelance journalist uncovers some frightening information about missing people in a small suburban town. Upon stumbling on her latest lead, she soon finds herself fighting for her life to escape. But can she also find the evidence she needs?


- Formidolosa Nocte: Written by D.Zenith
A young lady is walking home from a Halloween party at a local bar. However, you soon come to find out that this Halloween, is one she will NEVER forget. Will you be able to solve the mystery surrounding the neighborhood killings and get our heroine home safe?


- Parasites: Written by Adriano Silva
Jonathan's son, John, is kidnapped in the middle of the night and his father chases the people who took him to save the boy and find out why he was captured. 

Along the way, you'll uncover a web of secrets and plot twists that will challenge everything you thought you knew.

The Library of the damned is where you will meet our "oh-so-friendly" Bookkeeper. He keeps hold of the tales & shields them from prying eyes... But he may just let you read one or three.



- https://twitter.com/D__Zenith
- https://twitter.com/itrytomakegames

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Buy Now£3.49 GBP or more

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Congrats guys!

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Phenomenal storytelling, bizarre atmosphere in all 3 and superb execution! 

First of all, I have to thank Aaron for providing me with the key. You are one of the most generous human beings and I will respect you for that till my last breath on earth. Thank you ❤

The games blew my mind. In terms of consistency, none of them had any issues. The stories were exciting and nerve wrecking, especially Aaron's game, as the lady with the "tea" gave me cold sweat, I could not look at her or even towards her direction. Bravo all of you! 

The third game surprised me a lot and had a very minimalistic look. It reminded me of old console games, with a little mini map. Such a vibe. With the second game, the color pallets were beautiful. 

In the end, I was very satisfied with the result. Best of luck with the future developments and collaborations. Cheers to you mates  🍷

Edit: FYI, I never drink tea, but you can poison me with beer lol. 


thank you so much Niven for the amazing feedback & support. I really do appreciate it & i’m sure the Darnell & Adriano do also.