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Answer questions about yourself that you may not want to know the answers to!

See your own personal Psych profile come to life after successfully answering.

Uncover the story behind the questions & delve deeper into the world of After Hours.

Check out "After Hours" to get the next part of the story, with more coming soon.
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Alright! This game was definitely longer than the first one I played. I liked the idea of answering question as a part of a test for the actual story. The upstairs part of the house felt a little empty and I'm a bit confused of why their is random pages of a "diary" just laying around this house. It made the ending feel a little repetitive with all the reading but that is just my opinion. I do love the great graphics that go into your games though! 

Aww thank you so much for playing & the kind words. The story for this is tied to another game, so it makes more sense if you have played After Hours. But I do take your point on board that if you just play this one, then yes, people may get confused. 
Thanks again for playing! Dropped you a sub!

Hiya Aaron, great to see more lore happening for your After Hours saga, this was a great idea, thanks for messing with my head and calling me a psychotic hooman, I appreciate it. All of the yes to you and your test! 

thanks so much for playing Anii!

I had Fun Playing this :). Got Scared by A Shadow XD nice work my friend :). Keep it up :) cant wait to see more my friend :)

thank-you so much for playing! 

your welcome  my friend, I cant wait for more :) Keep it my friend.  :)

Spooky atmosphere, well done as always, makes me think I'll get jumpscared but it keeps building the tension. Good mix of a test and a story part with a scary thing following you. I hated the question where I had to choose mother or father, so I guess it works as intended :D

Good job Aaron!


thank you vidas! 

This was reallY cool! It was kinda scary how quickly it got into my head, but it was really awesome! 10/10


aww thanks so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it

Hi Aaron! I've finished 20 questions, but after that, nothing happened. I saw some youtube videos and they got a result from a site, which I did not receive. Is it because im not from the U.S ?

hi there! 

There is a line of code that fires at the end but there are some issues if you are using ad blockers (even though it doesn't use ads) or use a limited browser like opera. Are you using either of those? Failing that have you tried playing it again but open up your browser prior to starting? I would also suggest leaving the mouse & not clicking just in case the game thinks it is still being interacted with (although this isn't the suspected case). After you get your results, you should then be able to tab back to the game to carry on at another section. 

Let me know if either of these work or don't work & feel free to reach out to me on twitter as that is where I am mostly active. 

Hope this helps! 

Hello again, 

Indeed, im using an adblocker (uBlock Origin). That probably affected the results of the game. I will go for another round and let you know how it turned out this time. Thanks for your help. 

no problem!

so i really really loved this! like going into it i just thought it was a test and switch over to the webpage that freaked me over enough and then when i got back into the game that was even more terrifying the way you built this game up and the complete change of shift half way through was actually brilliant! looking forward to seeing more of you! gameplay above if you enjoy please be sure to hit that sub button!

thanks so much for playing! I've left you a comment & subbed to your channel :) 


thanks buddy means alot! keep up the good work man, your content is brilliant and looking forward to see more!

thanks man! You are too kind 

This game was really fun, the results were very surprising! ;) My playthrough:

Thanks so much for checking out the game! Really appreciate it. Got a few games in the worls coming to itchio very soon, so make sure to drop me a follow on here to get notified!

Hello again, thank you for the help, I managed to get through the game eventually, just got unlucky the first few tries, I love these type of games, and the questions were really fun to answer, the game was actually a bit creepy too, specially the latter part, great job once again Aaron :)


Thanks Stella! Appreciate you as always!

love the game thank you 

Thanks so much for checking it out! Got more coming soon, dont forget to follow for more games!

Hello Aaron, I'm trying to play your game rn but the game's having a lot of issues for me: after answering the questions I got stuck reading a note, the game didn't let me get out of it no matter what button I pressed, the cursor also vanished, I played again but I got stuck beside the computer just after the questions ended, and on the 3rd try the game stayed stuck on the computer screen after the questions ended, maybe I got just unlucky with the game but I'd love to play it properly, I also assume that I'm supposed to just mess around in the house and then the result will display on the computer cause it didn't work for me at first, I've played a lot of your games and I'm enjoying this one too but unfortunately I'm having some problems with it.


Hi Stella! Sounds like you are having some bad luck. To answer the easiest question first, the results of your answers are actually opened before entering the house. There is a line of code that forces your web broweser open. Did you check that? What is probably happening is the tab is interferring with the game when it opens. I would suggest trying to tab to your browser first, closing it & then going back to the game & seeijg if that works? 

Failing that, if you send me a message on Twitter with specific locations of your issue I can look into it further. It's strange because the game is coded in such a way that it would be almost impossible for it to break. But I guess there is always a possibility that something gets overlooked. Have a try & what I said first & let me know. Thanks for bearing with it. But there is stuff to find in the house that ties into the other game I released recently "After Hours".

Okay I'll try it out, thanks!


no problem. Seriously just hit me up anytime

Well done on the release!



Thanks for playing!

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I would not be surprised with a new game from you Aaron as you truly are master, yet this type of escalation and mind twisting delivery - I was not expecting at all! 

The game starts easy, with a bit of strange questions, which I did not hesitate to answer directly and freely, yet something about the atmosphere felt surreal. I loved the sound design, the structure and narrative, which slowly descended into something unsettling and uncomfortable. 

The game reminded me of "The Watson-Scott" test, which is why I kept looking for a jump scare or some sort of unnerving imagery, but, once again, to my surprise, my subverted expectations delivered a shocking discovery.

I can't praise this game enough and I truly appreciate your work and just never stop making games. Bravo Sir!

P.S. I might visit a professional after this: 

Thanks Niven! I take it you didn't mention the rest of the game after the results were published because of spoilers?

Yes Sir!
I truly loved that "twist" towards the end and it felt sudden, very sudden, because I though it was just the survey. 
Please make more games ๐Ÿ’Œ

I will man!