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love your game its pretty cool thank you :):):)

Thanks so much for playing dude!

Since I deleted the original video, I decided to revisit this game. Also, a fan wanted me to revisit it. This game is still pretty decent for what it is.


Thanks for playing dude. Appreciate it. 

great game! It was the 3rd game we played in a 3 random games video!! 

Thank you so much for playing! Really appreciate it :)

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Heres my Video of the game, Its the First game in the video i really enjoyed the game :) keep up the good work 

Thank you so much for playing : )

Well made short game  Love it ! Game here: 

Second game play. Please subscribe!!

Thanks for playing the game & posting. Dropped you a sub on YT :)


3 Scary Game, Enjoyed your game!!! Hope You Enjoy My Video! 

Thanks so much for playing. Left you a like 

so confuseddddd!

hehe thanks for playing. It's an allegory for depression.

No self worth etc etc. 

Then you defeat your inner demons & become strong 

wooww that is fireee!! GREAT WORK!

No you are fire! Thank you for playing & being awesome 

Congrats, man. This is the 13th highest horror focused game on!


Interesting little game, honestly left me quite confused. 

hey man, thanks for playing. Just so you know, if you want more context about the game check out some of the comments in this thread. I explain a little more about the story for this game. 

Also check out the original by Matt Reeves. He’s a friend of mine & this was one of the first projects of his that I played which ultimately lead me down this route. 

Thanks again for checking out the game


This was so intriguing and confusing at the same time!!

Thanks so much for playing! The game is actually based on depression, having no self worth & overcoming your demons. Feeling trapped is a part of all of that, hence why you can't leave.

Ohhh okay that makes a lot of sense! That's a very beautiful story! 


It took a while for something to happen but when it did it was TERRIFYING! I also feel there was a deeper meaning to this game that I didn't understand but nonetheless keep up the great work. Also the volume was really loud. (2nd game)

Thanks so much for checking out the game. Really appreciate it. The meaning behind the game is about depression. Having no self worth, feeling trapped. Not everyone gets it & that’s fine, but none the less, I really appreciate you taking the time to play :)

Good game

Thanks so much for playing! I really liked the video & cool thumbnail :)

Deleted 1 year ago

thanks so much for playing! I really appreciate it :)


I loved the original game and Matt Reeves' work so I had to play this! Great take on it and looking forward to more games by you! 

Thanks so much for playing & it’s always a pleasure to meet a fellow Matt Reeves fan :) 

I've played that horror game before. It's fun. I like it. It's weird

thanks man! Yeah my buddy Matt made the original back in 2018 so wanted to show some appreciation by making my own version :)

This game was exciting yet odd. It had a weird twist, and I also kinda broke this game lol. 

Thanks so much for playing lol. I left you some stuff on youtube!

Keep em coming big boy! What a great love letter! Or whatever you wanna call it lol. Pretty tense and I don't like that freaking music (in a good way)! I am thirsty for more content lol

Duuuuuuuuude yes!!!! I have been waiting for this! Thanks so much fo playing! love ya bro

Aaron is a great dev and a super nice guy.  I've enjoyed the stuff he's made before so looking forward to getting stuck into this one too :)


Thanks so much for the kind words!

Thank you so much for making this!! I am absolutely honored. I really enjoyed getting to play this and see your interpretation of it. I love the way you made it your own, and added different pieces to it, like the reverse dialogue. Also, the creature was way more interesting than mine, haha. Very well done Aaron, and thank you so much for the kind words!

: ) you are most welcome 

Hey Aaron! Thanks a bunch for the game, I played both yours & Matts´s in this video. This game had a lot of more depth than just what I could get from the gameplay, it was truly emotional more than scary to me. I felt the struggle. You guys did a fantastic job on portraying the feeling, my hat off to both of you! 

Hey Anii! Thanks so much for the kind words & for playing, supporting me on here & being a genuine hooman. Love ya!

Quite the contrary, I´m always here for you Aaron! Thanks so much for sharing this experience with me!


Very creepy and well done! That scare got me good! Great job devs!

Thanks so much for playing!

A good, short, disconcerting horror game, and one where it's obvious some personal feeling was poured in. Check it out! Maybe before watching the video ;)


Thanks so much for posting!

Of course! Happy to show off the game :)


Thanks so much for playing! Much appreciated 


Ok igrica, kratka i jednostavna, ima svoju koncepciju i temu, te sretno sa daljnom gradnjom!


Hvala vam puno na igranju! nadam se da si dobro

He keeps me there. Can I come over here now? I'd like to be kept here.


No he’s still here. If you come here, he will keep you here, best to be kept there, away from here






He keeps me here. In the comment section. It's cool here, lots of videos to watch, ya know. Anyway. He keeps me here.


He kept me there: The sequel 

He is going to keep me there: The prequel 




congrats on the game Aaron. Very good! 






It's an interesting short horror game!

Thanks for checking out the game & also for speaking with Matt :) much appreciated 

I recommend to play the game then watch the video to avoid spoilers!!!

The game has a big impact. I think people usually tend to have thoughts in their minds and you feel that you're stuck in your own ways. And you need to overcome the hardships to to reach your potential and break free. And This game is all about that I enjoyed it. I RECOMMEND THIS GAME Try it out it's good stuff!!

dude thanks so much for playing! I really like how you did a deep dive on the meaning behind the game. For the most part yeah, you are spot on. I left you a comment on YouTube & a like on the video. Make sure to follow me on here if you aren’t already as there is a game jam game I’m working on that will be coming June 15th. 

Thanks again for playing. Much appreciated :)


Thanks so much for playing! Left you a like/comment/sub on YouTube :)

"... [its]" entirety.


This Game has been Reviewed. Thank you for keeping this Community Strong.


Nice horror game

thanks for playing the game. Really appreciate it. Have you checked out the original?


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dude! Thanks so much for playing! Much appreciated. Left you some stuff on YT

Reimagining another developers game is an interesting way to see how 2 people take the same story and basis and work it into their own style. It's hard to pick which I enjoyed more as they both have their own charm and personality, and thanks for reminding me of one of Matt's earliest works.

Thanks so much for playing dude, I really appreciate your support. As you probably read, Matt was a huge inspiration to me for starting in the indie game world, so I asked if I could redo this & he was more than happy to let me. 

As always, I appreciate the time you take to play these games of mine & make videos. You are the best!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks so much for playing :)

Hello, I played this game and I liked it, I vaguely remember watching a playthrough of the original game, good work Aaron :)


Thanks so much for playing! I am a close friend of Matt's & he was my main inspiration of getting into game development. I really appreciate the time you take to play these games & make videos. :)

Amazing game dev and good atmosphere

Thanks so much for playing. Checked out your channel as per usual & left you some love. Also, when you have time, remember to check out Matt Reeves :)

Thank you so much i really appreciate it :) , i will check it out

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aaron, whatever knocking sound effect you used mixed with the fact that you used a sound effect that was my exact doorbell made me frantically get up to answer my door (which is always scary enough, right?) and i missed the jumpscare! so of course i had to replay it! hahaha. good going dude!

Thanks so much! The knocking actually got me due to the binaural audio. I didn’t expect it to out that good ;) thanks for playing mate 

Very nice game, very close to the original, but it has its own twists and things going on, well done Aaron once again! 🤘


Thank you buddy!

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