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In 1943 you & your squad receive communications that you are to take & hold a German military outpost. Upon arrival you & your team unpack your gear & ready up for an ambush.

Upon trying to send communications back to HQ, you are met with strange noises that confuse & scare you. What is going on in the house? What evil lurks within the walls?

Decipher the messages & uncover the truth behind what went on in the house.

WASD - Move Character & Drive
SPACE - Jump
E - Interact with objects

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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorAaron Wise
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Global Game Jam, Horror, scary, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich, suspense


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Yea, I shouldn't write this since this would make me an retard and also would make me look like an hardcore ww2 fanatic, I am just thinking the game would look a bit more serious, tho I might not be right
       The first thing is the uniforms, since I suppose it is meant to from the US Army, I suggest you change the uniform, as the place is happening in 1943, I suggest an M43 Field Jacket would be alright for that. And an remove the stripe on the webbing, the U.S troops didn't have it
      The vechicle part, it doesn't look so well if that is that XX century era, would be better if you'd change it up to an Willy's Jeep MB or do it on foot, as it isn't much realistic.

     I didn't play the game too much, so I didn't point out all the mistakes


Bro... I made this in 5 days whilst making another game for Christmas. I think it's a bit much for people to expect this level of realism.

So you call them "mistakes" I call them "what was possible in such a short time".

Please remember these are indie games with specifically short time frames for game jams.

Yea I should've figured it out, I am just an dumbass.


come on. Don't be like that about yourself. We are all friends here

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had so much fun

Playing the game XD  good job XD keep up the good work XD

Here's my video https://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x83fm43

Thanks so much for playing. I really like your reactions XD

Show post...

I'm your fan looking this games! Take a look on my channel. You can find sonething interesting. I use Unreal engine 4!!


Thank you. Will do.

I like the concept, but it lacked atmosphere. Improvement in sound design will really elevate this game. Also the driving part is a little wonky.

Overall good efforts, must say!

Thanks. Appreciate the comment. For a game jam that I enetered late I don't think I did too bad, 5 days in total but I agree with your comments.

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1st game I played. I was super terrified that I kinda hid behind my mic

awesome! Thanks so much for playing

wow. This is crazy good for such a short horror game. I loved the environments and the story. Very cool. Plus you made this in just 5 days?! Crazy. Great job dev. Keep up the good work. 

Thanks so much : )

I'm glad we  (kind of) figured out what was going on with my rig so I could finally play lol.  This is all so impressive for the short timeframe you have to create games for a gamejam. I appreciate you letting me know!!!!

thanks bro! So good to see you checking out my stuff again. I got some really cool stuff in the works and I’ll make sure I send you an early access build so you can tell me what you think!

Hell yeah! thanks man! I am down to try and test anything! Just let me know!



Sharing another EVP gameplay video




The game was interesting enough. But my only issue is how empty some areas of the house is. I'd suggest filling/showing signs that there was a family living in the house at one point. Besides that, not a bad game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Hey man thanks for playing. Really appreciate it. Yeah I agree it could do with more aesthetics however I only had 5 days to make this as I was also making Chimney Prowler too. But I appreciate the feedback. I have dropped you a like/sub & comment on your youtube. Hope you have a great Christmas!

sharing a video of EVP




Merry Christmas BROH!

Almost happy new year BREHH!

happy new yeeeeeeeeeeet

Hey man. I have been trying  to play but the  game takes a huge dive in frames once it begins. Would you happen to know  if there is some issue with the download possibly?


Hi Heir, 

As far as I am aware, there is no issues at all. I've not had any complaints yet. Are you running anything intensive in the background at all? Recording apps can sometimes be the cause as they are very CPU/GPU dependant depending on which one you are using. I recommend NVIDIA shadow play if you have a GTX/RTX card. For AMD you can use their screen capture software built into Radeon Software.

DM me on twitter if you still have issues after this

Very interesting Story choice would love to see a game from you with more polishing. 

It's a step up from What is that, but it feels rushed. The first encounter with the lady was in a well-lit room that made the encounter a bit strange not so much scary. The event triggers could be a lot earlier in most cases. Don't give the player time to examine the whole situation before he wanders in the trigger, that can make a scary situation strange, the same for the event's they don't need to examine every bit before it vanishes. The gaps and overlaps in the level weren't really pretty and the tiling of some textures was off, that's the reason I said the game feels rushed. (A bit harsh but you asked for honest opinons)

But that's just my two cents! Big props to you for finishing and submitting the games, Really Love them! I tried to enter a few jams as well but I want to make things too perfect and never got one finished in time.

I had so many Problems with that Vid >_< sorry if it's not the best quality GamePlay.


Hey man, really appreciate the honesty & thoughts around the game. I share your opinion on some of these but again, I managed this in just 5 days so I guess it is kinda rushed. (Haha) 

Regardless I appreciate the feedback & will obviously be looking at publishing more games in the near future that have some decent development time behind it. That way nothing is rushed & feels more polished as you say. I think sometimes people can get quite defensive of their work because of the effort they put in but I am always grateful for the feedback. 

(Did you know I’ve only been doing this around 8 months)

I’d like to add you to a list of people if that’s cool with you where I can send early copies of my games to & that way you can send me feedback on your experience. Let me know if that’s cool. 

Once again, thanks so much for playing, I dropped you a like on YouTube and a comment and I appreciate your time writing this & doing a video for me. 

For 8 Month getting at all a game together and having the courage to show it off to the world is outstanding! Don't you think your other games are safe now :) for sure add me on the list! If you ever need some theoretical advice I have a shit ton of failed projects in my past or a voice line, I think I got a decent setup for this as well or a last minute jam partner if I have spare time drop me a message!

I'm glad you are taking the criticism productive, it is meant that way I think you got an ass load of potential. 


Thanks so much!

Had fun with this! Definitely a step up from What is that?, the environments were nicely done and I liked uncovering a little more of the story each day as things got progressively creepier!


Thanks so much for playing. I’m glad you liked this one. This one was actually done in half the time as I was also working on Chimney Prowler as well. However I wanted to see what else I could do with a story that I had building up inside. Just one of those things where I just felt inspired to get it done. 

I’ve got some pretty cool stuff lined up starting Q1 and a big steam release coming in 2021 so stay tuned for that. I’ll most likely be handing out a few early copies of that one so if you are interested make sure to follow me on Twitter as well and I’ll reach out. Thanks again for playing man, left you a like and a comment on the video. Have a great Christmas and stay safe : )

Evil Vengeful Peepee


Sorry not sorry



The content is sad

yes it’s a very sad story. Thanks for playing, hopefully you are not too upset.

Perfect for Christmas 👌


Physical edition wrapped under the tree?


Had a great time with this one! I def recommend! Thanks for the fun Mr Dev ;D!


WOAH WOAH WOAH! Thank you so much for playing. I shall have a smile on my face all day! You are literally the best person in the world. Thank you so much. 😚🎄❤️



Double Hell Yeah!!!!

T-t-t-t-t-tripple hell yeahhhhhhh!!!!

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M-M-M-M-Monster hell yeah!!!!


I like the game idea with scary stuff :) Cool Game!


hey, thanks for the video & for playing my game! Much appreciated. I left you a comment & a sub. :) 


This is pretty cool, man. That's a dark story for sure. I had a good time checking this game out. Thanks!


Thanks so much for playing Masterkeef! I left you a comment on your video & a like. Much appreciated : )


Oh dude you played this one as well, nice 👍


Yeah Masterkeef is a bro! He’s gonna get some early access to my stuff I think.

Another playthrough of EVP

Oh dude nice


yeah, it’s really awesome that it reaches all the way to Japan.

Thanks so much for yet another incredible game Aaron! The house design was beautiful, the VA was great (had a bit of static with the other soldiers tho), all the elements of the story fitted perfectly, great short story telling there. The game stirred some feelings too, from pain to peace. The possession was also a nice touch 😛. Overall, I feel this is the best one yet! Congrats!

Thanks so much for playing Anii and for your continued support. I always love watching you & your videos. Got something special planned for the future which I think you’ll love. 

: )

Oh hell yeah Anii you played it, nice video!

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, the sound effects were neat, the driving was a bit goofy but fun, I liked that in this case the ghost wasn't the bad one, good work :) 


Hey! Thanks so much for playing Stella. Really appreciate it & thanks for being the first video. I’ll be sure to share this on twitter. Thanks again : )

No problem :) 

Hey nice video!

great game mate graphics are great gameplay is smooth and some areas make you not want to go through the next door keep it up i like it, i've never been good with dark scenarios

thanks so much for playing!


Great new addition! As per usual, it blows my mind the things you can pull off in the time limitation of a game jam. Really incredible job. The story was dark (which I obviously prefer), and had a really interesting conclusion that made it a refreshing experience amidst so many recycled plots. I really liked the unique ambiance that was very different from the usual horror game, because it added a new level of uncertainty that I wasn't used to. The game raised a lot of questions for me throughout the experience, and seemed to answer them all at the end, which is always appreciated. As always, I'm stoked to see what you come up with next. Keep up the amazing work!


Thank you so much for the kind words, feedback & support as always. Always appreciated : )






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This was pretty neat. I think if I could add anything it would be a reset button when I'm driving. I turned the vehicle over twice and had to close out the game and restart it. No biggee for me. (In games I tend to drive as I usually do in real life while off-roading, I don't drive slow. lol) 

I would say that it was kind of disturbing as others said but for me not so much...because...well...I guess Call of Duty got me used to seeing that stuff (o_0).

Anyways, in spite of the time limitations for the jam you did good.

Thanks so much for taking the time to play Ghost. Appreciate the feedback & yes, just wanted to make sure I finished the jam in time as I started late. You are the best! 

Hey thats me! Game is super cool and was a blast to work on. Cant wait to see more from you Aaron.


Thanks Wade. You were great & I look forward to working with you in the future.

Starts serious and goes into just disturbing and "I don't wanna be here" horror, well made, creepy, filled with story and interesting sound design choises. Awesome work 🤘


Thanks so much for the continued support & for checking out EVP. So  glad you enjoyed it : )

This was a very fun and well-made game. Really enjoyed it. I highly recommend checking it out!

Hey, thanks so much for the feedback earlier & for playing the game.  Really appreciate it : )