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Antique is a game about history.  The game is set within a real-world setting taking place in the modern day. You play as a museum employee who has been entrusted to examine a collection of artefacts recently inherited for exhibition.  



Lord Oxbridge; socialite and archaeologist returns from Beirut with a new prize; a bronze statue of Augustus Ceaser, dated to be from around the end of the reign of Commodus. Lord Oxbridge makes the new addition the prize of his collection. Shortly after his discovery. The lord is found dead in his home from an apparent suicide. No one had entered or left his home since his discovery, and all who had known the lord had an air-tight alibi.


The usual controls for any first-person game are used here, but for anyone wondering how to get around the house, please see below:

WASD - Move
MOUSE - Look/Examine
TAB - Open/Close Inventory
F - Flashlight
E - Interact
LEFT MOUSE - Collect


Created by Aaron Wise & Lee Hicks. You can find our social media links below along with Discord servers if you want to join, see what we have in the works, or just talk with us & be awesome!


TBF Games Server - https://discord.gg/xSCXYQvVVc
Dead Heat Server - https://discord.gg/MUx57MKHxt

If you want to check out more games, you can click the links below which will take you to Steam to see a collection of Aaron's work along with Wishlisting new & upcoming games!


Big thanks to Espy (https://twitter.com/AlexanderBruyns) for the music provided in the game. If you want to go show support to this creator, then head to their socials & tell them we sent you!




Buy Now£2.00 GBP or more

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Development log


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This was a fun and interesting game! love the concept and although it was suspenseful it also made me chuckle at times! I fell for the statue's tricks right at the end though! Nicely done Aaron Wise! 

Thanks so much buddy!

Intriguing. Are there any plans for a Steam release? I'd like to buy this game, but I live in a country where Paypal can't be used.


No plans for a steam release I’m afraid. This was a short project that told the story we wanted to tell.

Tried it on my Steam Deck.

With Proton experimental and custom controls the game works great. I picked lowest resolution and medium shadows\textures. Sometimes with in-game flashlight on fps is dropping down to ~15. I believe it may be fixed by lowering graphic settings. Didn't tried it yet.

A bit of personal feelings: bought this game while finishing work on my master thesis about museums role in heritage preservation, lol. It was an occasional find for the time that forced me to remember the game for long.

interesting to know. Thank you for sharing. I will see about fixing this is it comes to steam.

looks good hoping i could try it on my steam deck though steam :( alas ... paypal I never like using it sadly just worried the game wont run on the laptop..

Is there a god mode please?

lol. Maybe one day.

Maybe? Hmmm...maybe. In other word no. Ok. No prob. Have a nice day and good luck to you anyway! 🙂

I had a blast playing this my friend XD
You Did A Very good job on this :) cant wait to see more from you
Here's my Video 

thanks so much for playing!

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Hi. I'm working on a project that requires gathering a large number of generic game snapshots. The snapshots aren't meant to display any specific copyrighted content, and they aren't very big - all of them are 416x110 pixels. I wanted to ask your permission to use some of your images to create some of these snapshots. Thanks!

Hi, whats the project for? Can you tell me more about it? Just confused by the term generic being used in this context. 

Many thanks


I'm developing a new Windows game launcher that makes it easier to set up controllers and play PC games in a living room. This launcher will be able to run any game, right from the first day, so it doesn't have a "greenlighting process". However, since there's no greenlighting process, that also means that games won't automatically inject information about themselves into the menu system (like the name of the game, or a snapshot). Users will have the option to enter in the name, or upload a snapshot, or both. In theory, if the launcher were to become popular enough, developers might start taking the initiative, by including the name and snapshot of the game themselves - however, I only want that to be an option, not a requirement. I also want users to have the option to download "generic snapshots" which are images that don't specifically tie to a particular game, but instead "look close enough" to what's in the game. For example, a snapshot of Diddy Kong would not be a generic snapshot, but an image of pirate ship, or palm tree, or a barrel would be. The more generic images I amass, the better the initial experience will be. If you have "scrap content" from a game that didn't make the final draft, that might be useful for building a generic snapshot as well. Let me know if you can produce anything. Thanks!


Il looks amazing. Is it a Horror game?


kind of. This is mainly a narrative story game with horror elements. There is a persistent threat featured in the game. A simple puzzle mechanic with various areas of the house to explore. The game was made in 7 days as a way of pushing ourselves. 


Thank you for your reply. I wish you the best ++



this looks beatiful! sorry cant buy it. wont use paypal.


no problem. Thanks for leaving a comment though 🙂


Thank you for being so nice about this. Your game truly does look beautiful though. I simply don't trust paypal for a good reason. Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Happy holidays to you too! 


What a creepy experience.

A very unique game, didn't know a statue of Caesar can be scary but here we are!

The game has this weird atmosphere that's so unique to Aaron, I always expect jumpscares or something to happen when it seems appropriate but it doesn't, and stuff appears when you don't expect it with little sounds or no at all and it is so creepy. The statue following was really intense and unnerving all the way throughout the game, seems like a simple mechanic at first but then you have to look for stuff and all you hear is footsteps getting closer behind you, it's really scary. As always with Aaron's games the game has many areas to explore and they all have these weird events and situations that you have to get yourself out of. And the game looks great, incredibly detailed and immersive.

The story is unique too, I don't know any other horror game about a statue of Caesar and even with all the lore in it. My only criticism is that the reading was way way way too much.

Thanks developers, great game!


Thank you so much for the comment & playing! Much appreciated!




Well, I enjoyed this a lot, its very good. Has that weeping angels feel to it. A Tardis tucked in the corner would make a lovely touch lol


ahhhh thank you. Yeah a nice little easter egg. 


Weeping Caesar??? ALRIGHT!!! 

Where do I start, because literally every minute and sequence of the game looks marvelous. The visuals and texturing of the overall, grotesque atmosphere just breathes outside of the screen for me. And the soundtrack, oh, made me want to drink some tee and go outside for a walk, even thou, the Caesar sequence was truly terrifying and tense 👀

Based on the small playthrough, I saw enough to judge this as one of your best works. Gameplay was rather simple, not confusing or frustrating and the character design was neat, especially that side pocket for the inventory, which looked like a holster - brilliant. I did have a glimpse at some notes, talking about Byzantine era and Romans. For me, the lore is always important, so I would love to see how it plays out in the end or if the place itself has to do something with the statues and ancient works of art. 

Overall, the game is a must play! Whoever likes the puzzles, chill atmosphere and more or less creepy statues, this is it. Cheers! 


Thank you Niven! I really appreciate the kind words.


Looks stunning and I'll definitively give it a try this weekend. One typo: Caesar is correct (not Ceaser).


Thank you! and OH NO! I'll get it fixed!

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Ingame it's also written "Ceaser" - and in addition Commodus is wrongly written "Commidus".

And a bug: If I examine the Viking shield it gets stuck in the pillar if I stand too close. There seems to be no way to get out ("e" doesn't work).


By the way: "Ceaser" is still here on the website. ;)


This game was actually pretty fun!.. Great job!.. I was on edge a lot of the time.. If you wanna see some of my gameplay you can click the link below!.. Apparently there's been an update since I uploaded my video so I'll be checkin out what's different!..

Antique Gameplay


thanks so much for playing

1st to comment!

Great game, looks very cool!

thank you very much!

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also, how long did it take you to make the assets? Or did you download them from some asset website?

it is a mixture of my own & epic megascans from Quixel which unreal users have access to for free. I laid out the levels & did the lighting, logic & many other aspects. Lee did the story & historical references.