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A new psychological horror game from Aaron Wise/Trial by Fire Games. 

What is worse than working the night shift at your local mall? Not knowing that what you are doing is real. Experience a dark & foreboding story set within the confines of a seemingly abandoned shopping mall. Experience the epilogue  "After Hours", an introductory chapter to a bigger story set within the same universe. 

After Hours features a realistic low-poly Playstation aesthetic with low-resolution textures, per-pixel lighting, vertex snapping, dithering & many other classic PS1 throwbacks you can shake a stick at! 

You are a night worker who has to clean up after a long day of trading at the local mall. But as the night quickly progresses you start to unravel things that don't appear to be real.

Who are you?

What are you doing here?

Discover the truth & escape your darkest fears that will hunt you down around every corner. Can you find a way out?

WASD - Move
I - Inventory
Left Shift - Sprint
F - Lighter
Mouse - Look
E - Interact 
Left Mouse - Interact
Q - Look behind you

I am a huge fan of retro games, especially the Playstation era. At one point in my life, I had over 1000 PS1 games & still to this day love playing them. I have always wanted to create an accurate rendition of what a PS1 game actually looks like & after spending months fine-tuning my post-processing materials, I finally feel like I have achieved what I set out to do. I love horror games and I wanted to be the one to throw my hat in the ring & have people experience what my version of a PS1 style game could be.  

If you have enjoyed any of my games then please consider supporting me on Patreon where you get access to free games & other goodies! I also have a discord channel. I am always around, friendly & always ready to chat. Feel free to ask me anything & sometimes I might even be able to help. You can even support me by following on Twitter!


Love the artwork? Me too! My friend & University peer Miranda Bennett Margrave handled the box art for After Hours.  Please drop her a follow on Twitter!  https://twitter.com/SeaBunnyStories 


Buy Now£3.99 GBP or more

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Did not realise I already owned a copy on Itch, still don’t mind buying again. Hopefully the Steam review will help it get noticed, feel sorry for Horror games on Steam at the minute, so many paid reviews on the horror games on there are really crippling legitimate devs.

Still wanted to say I loved the art style you did for After Hours the Creepy Low Poly dreamscape was great and honestly nice use of abstract imagery at the end. I was actually sitting there after the game wondering where I saw the monster before, not realising I already had the game lined up in my backlog with a lot of your other games.

Thanks for the sub, and I’ll be waiting for your future games.

thanks so much for supporting us indie devs!

Somehow I missed this game, and I'm not really sure how. Glad to see you're still putting out interesting content though. I really loved the whole lucid dream situation, and overall the game was pretty creepy. I thought the music was great as well. Particularly the song in the record shop. Is any of your music downloadable? Just curious. Oh yeah, cool monster too ;)!

Thanks so much! The song in the music shop is by a friend of mine Abbey Smith. You can check out her music here. When After Hours comes to steam, I'll most likely include the soundtrack. Thanks for playing man! 


I like the attention to detail and overall surrealism of After Hours. Right from the intro and menu there's a lot to see, the game itself takes you through many various environments with different things to do, from interaction and item collection to chasing and monster sequences, and really grabbed my attention to know what's next since this is only a beginning. Well done Aaron!


Thanks so much for playing Vidas!

Thanks for making the game!


Thanks for thanking me for making me the game!

Hiya Aaron, thanks so much for making this game and also for letting me voice the mysterious woman  in the game~ It was super fun to do and even more fun to react to it in my video. We had so many bizarre but wonderful times testing out this one, truly appreciate your dedication and your effort to bring us this amazing indie title since you added a LOT of great stuff and mechanics to it. You are a very cool, determined and awesome person, keep up the great work and I hope we can do something together soon!  

Thanks Anii & thanks to you the game had extra life added to it! We will deffo do something again soon :)

First of a huge thanks to WildRozen for showcasing this game and deepest apologies to you Aaron, because I though I was following your game page and realized I was not, truly a huge face palm for me. Now, the game:

With "They Look Like People" I realized that your storytelling technique was untraditional and unexpected, especially with the ending of that game I was scratching my head for hours. But "After Hours" - man, you went full on crazy mode with this one. 

The design was out of this world, voice acting, sound effects, overall environment and atmosphere was just pure, pure gold. I loved the chase sequences and unique use of "Q" to look back - very profound indeed. Some of the visuals reminded me of retro horror movies and that escalator moment just made me fall in love with this. 

I want to point out the Walkman in the game brought emotion, as my first and the last phone before switching to touchscreen was Walkman and I had the entire collection of Walkman products, well, my family did so, it was very nostalgic.  

In the end, the game just rocked hard. I can't wait to see more from this, judging by it being just a prologue. Keep on doing amazing games, I will always be here for support and please, please keep doing that "Tarantino" like thing of putting yourself as an Easter Egg in your games, that was awesome ("Aaron was here"). 


Thanks so much man for the awesome comments. Yes, I do try to steer clear of traditional story telling and make them more non-linear. Tarantino is a huge inspiration to me so I always like to push boundaries when I can. I know the PS1 style is in right now but I wanted to at least try and replicate my version of it all. 

the Walkman was something near & dear to my heart also, so I wanted to include that, and the old school Nokia at the end. Thanks again for the kind words and I will have more coming soon :)

You are awesome man, just all I wanted to say. 
Cheers From U.K.! 👏



Sometimes, a game can be a little bit glitchy, and still fun. That's the beauty of indie horror. Thanks for sharing this with us!


Thanks so much for playing. I danced along with the skeleton man

God I love this, rides in the same category as Fears 2 Fathom. Can't wait to be apart of this games future with you next chapters!

Here's a link to my video if anyone new wants to get the feel for the games atmosphere. 

Thanks so much for playing. Really appreciate it!

Loved the atmosphere!  The scariest part of all is that I bet not many here even know what a Walkman is, lol.  Can't wait for future episodes!

Thank you for playing! True! Many people probably don't XD. More updates on future episodes coming soon! Left you a like & a sub on youtube :)

<3 appreciate that!  cant wait to showcase future games

hey big guy!! enjoyed the game a lot man! That second part is gonna be amazing! Thank you for throwing me in there lol

Thanks for being there for me at the end there. Hehe. But seriously, thanks so much for playing Heir. Glad you liked it!

of course my guy! super spooky!!!!

sick game

Thanks for playing Hayden! Left you some love on YouTube

Thanks for playing, had fun watching your video!

I had a blast playing this Game as always :) Keep up the good work buddy :) Looking forward for the next chapter.

heres my video >> https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x881rmc

thank you so much for playing!

Thanks for your support, I hope you enjoyed it :D

i really enjoyed the game and looking forward to what happens next in the game.i did get scared from lol. 

Thanks buddy! Appreciate the kind words . Glad you liked it! I will have more coming soon, so make sure you drop a follow!

Left you some love on YouTube!

thank you.well do

Thanks so much for playin hun!

thank you 


Thanks for playing. 

I understand you had some gripes & they are obviously your own. But please try to remember with indie games we work with almost zero budget and in very small time frames. Anii's first language isn't English & for that reason I think she did very well. 

I appreciate you taking the time to make a video & upload it. I'll ne sharing more on the second part in the coming weeks. 

With any PS1 style game we don't just try to go for the aesthetics alone. We also do the awkward animations that you had back then as well. The warble and dithering effect of the textures & many other things like the post processing. 

Ultimately though I am glad you enjoyed the game, and I will work on things for the next installment & take your feedback on board. Thanks again.



Thanks for the comment Dylan, I truly enjoyed your gameplay and we appreciate all the feedback you give us! 


Brilliant game. Very spooky and great visuals and artwork. From start to finish it had me in suspense, and the use of the Walkman was really unique and interesting. After hours really has me excited for the next part in the narrative, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do!

Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks for those lovely comments and also for playing Jared 🥰