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Awesome! ❤️

Thank you


Thank you for playing

hi, big thx for the cool game. greetings from rosti 😘

thanks for playing Rosti! Left you a like & a sub. Keep doing what you are doing

big thx my friend 😘

Da fällt mir nur "WHAT IS THAT?" ein... Es ist ein echt gelungenes Spielchen wobei das Ende echt irgendwie seltsam war... 4/5 Sternen

Thank you for playing!

Heres my video of the game its the second game very good job enjoyed it keep up the good work :)


great work!

Thanks buddy. Much appreciated

Part of the RHG 9 video here’ a the freestyle part of it 😂 


Maaaaann I just love refrigerators



ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE HELL OUT OF IT just saying that monster freaked me out by like alot xD BUT FANTASTIC

thanks so much for playing my dude. Much appreciated ;)


Love it, could use a lot more polishing but that jump scare got me pretty hefty, the end was a bit disappointing in my opinion, but overall good work, Mr. gets impaled ;)


haha thanks so much for playing. Yeah, this was a game jam game & unfortunately I joined late so couldn’t implement all of the things I had planned. But thankfully it won first place and I am going to be working on like a remake/remaster during next year with actual combat & a more fleshed out story. 

Thanks again for playing, I’ve dropped you a like and a sub. 

Awesome mate! I followed you already and looking forward to play the remake/remaster! Thanks for the like and sub it's really not necessary but greatly appreciated :) if you want to hear my opinion I loved the fact that I did not know if I hurt that being or not that was almost like getting a sense of security due to "hey I got a weapon" and then the feeling of security started to crumble maybe you could exploit that false sense of security in a remake :) 


I’m glad you said that because that’s exactly what I was going for, so that to me means I’m on the right track. Between now and then, I have a couple of things in the works along with Vidas Games Studio projects so I’m pretty busy. 

No End House will be coming to steam & itchio, and I have a short experience type game coming in Q1. For the meantime though if you would like to check out EVP I would love to see a video from you on that and your thoughts for that game as that one was made in 5 days. 

EVP you say, sure thing will check it out tomorrow ;) and for No End House I will keep an eye out! Got already an Steam listing? 

Not yet for steam release but hopefully in Jan sometime

Builds so much tension. This game is a throwback to the old classics! Love it.

Thanks man. Means a lot to me

I love these horror jam games

Thanks so much for playing. Loved the video!

Bro this is hilarious. Got some decent spooks too. I could not stop thinking about the  Key & Peele skit where he says whhaaaat isssss thaaaat. lol.  It is dope you can crank out a game so fast though! Keep it up!

hey man, thanks so much for checking it out. The game did have a limit of ten days but had to complete it quicker than that due to actual studio commitments. So I think it was done in like 6/7 days. Anyway, a lot of the mechanics were completed but not fully implemented. That being said, the response to this has been pretty great and a lot of people have requested for this to be expanded upon which I will do when I have finished my next couple of projects. Really dig the video man & the K&P skit is for real something I didn’t think of until you mentioned it lmao! 

Thanks again for taking the time to play. Love you brother 


hell yeah bro! I  will be watching your twitter for your next   one!  I highly appreciate the view and the kind words!!!!!

The title alone was hilarious for a scary game. I liked the approach you took allowing the player to leave the house. A lot horror game are often stuck inside the house. I thought the voice acting was funny and solid. A few graphical mistakes like the stairs of the house, the key being really hard to see, massive chairs, and funky roof. I loved the monster chilling on my roof, and crawling on the walls that was scary.  Interesting ending too... Overall, the game was fun to play and got a couple jump scares. For ten days to make this, good job!

hey, thanks for checking out my game & also leaving your thoughts. Yeah game jams can be a pain due to time restraints but I think overall the reception has been pretty good. I’ve received a lot of requests to continue it so at some point when I have finished my other games I’ll redo this without the time constraints & really focus on making this a more fleshed out experience. If you haven’t already, make sure to follow the itchio page for when the new stuff drops. 


That feeling of impending doom when you realize your gun doesn't do squat against those beasts! Haha would've been nice to get some use out of it. The soundscape was decent, and I really liked how the game progressed through different areas. Instead of being confined to the typical house, or apartment, and you find yourself walking back in forth. The environment's design was a little off and incomplete, I could see objects doubled up when peering through windows, or windshields. Of course, 10 days isn't a lot for development, but maybe choose a smaller scale when time is limited. Keep on creating Aaron!

Good work!


Hey man, thanks so much for playing. Glad you liked it. Thanks also for understanding about the time frame. Even though I had 10 days to finish it, I think overall it was done in 7 days due to actual studio commitments for our other games. 

The reception for this has been overwhelming so I plan to recreate from the ground up. Thanks again & stay tuned for more

A bizarre game where you come home after a long day of work, you seem to be worried about strange creature sightings and want to check the radio for any news before you hit the sack and call it a night, but as the night progresses it seems your fears become reality.

 The game is fun to play with some odd and clunky interactions but considering the game is made in just 10 days this is only a minor issue, making games in such a short time period of time is always impressive. There is a good little scare thrown in that appears in a rather unexpected place.

Overall an enjoyable experience and a good, fun playthrough.


hey! Thanks so much for checking out my game & leaving a short review. I very much enjoyed your video. I think what makes that scare so good & important is the pacing. By the time you get to the scare you are pretty confident not much is going to happen, so really pleased that had some decent reception. 

Thanks again for playing. Make sure to follow the page for more games & short experiences that are coming soon. 

Thanks for making this game, this game gave me the laughs and the scares all in one go. Look forward to more of your work in the future.

Thanks so much for checking out my game. Loved the video! Dropped you a reply and a retweet on Twitter. Thank you for the tag :)


Thanks so much for the playthrough & the feedback. Yeah, I can agree with that, most people I feel we’re not sure if there was stuff to do as each hour passed so as I update the game I will bear this in mind. Thanks again for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Hahaha that was fun. Thanks! Here's my playthrough:

thanks so much for playing! Really appreciate the time you took to play my game. Make sure to follow the itchio page for new & upcoming stuff :)

Hey, I had a really fun time with your game. It made me smile, and I had just a genuinely good time playing it. Definitely would have liked to see a little combat there at the end!

thanks so much for playing, glad you liked it. Yeah time wise for the game jam I didn’t have enough to sort it out, however I am working on a more solid polished version. If you follow the itch page you’ll be notified when it’s live :) 

loved this game!! I had a fun time ranting and raving at the main character! 


Hey man, great video! Thanks so much for playing. Left you a like on your video & a comment :)

Nice story, creepy :)

Thanks so much! Left you a comment & dropped a sub. Keep up the good work :0

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What is this?


What is what?

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Nailed it :)

Fun little game! For something that was made in 10 days I am impressed just wished I could have used the gun more! Thanks Aaron!


NO PROBS! Glad you liked it. Yeah as you can imagine, time is really against you in a game jam so alot of the mechanics were done but just couldn't be implemented in time. However, follow me on itchio & when the full game is ready, you will get to experience it how I intended it to be :)

couldnt unlock the door wouldnt let me use key :/


hey, so collect the key with the left click. Then on the door handle use the right click to bring up your usable objects and then select with left click. It works every time. 

Side note, after each night you will need to pick up the key again. 

Sharing on behalf of the creator

Sharing on behalf of the creator

This was great!

Sharing on behalf of the creator

I am sharing on behalf of the creator.

Some silly bits, but solid game.

Thanks for playing the game. Yeah, I'm sure it's not for everyone. The game was made quite quickly so there were some corners cut. Ultimately the plan is to remake/update the game & make it a more playable & experience for all. Appreciate the time you took to check this out. Dropped you a sub & a like and a comment on YT.

Thanks man, yea i realized it was a jam game, which are usually  done in a rush. 

This was... interesting! Keep going! Would love to see more. 

Большое вам спасибо за то, что играете в мою игру! Я очень ценю комментарии и рад, что они заставили вас подпрыгнуть

This Short horror game was a lot of fun for being made in a short amount of time for a game jam overall pretty cool concept and other than the back door key giving me trouble it was a lot of fun and only 1 jump scare ended up getting me to jump so ig you win this time lol overall a great time check below for my walkthrough!


YAY! I WON! Thanks so much for playing. Left you a comment on YT & also dropped you a sub! You are awesome!

love ya brother thanks for the opportunity!

I played through its pretty fun, I do point out things i notice about the game in the video but i am not super critical of it since I understand during a game jam you can do everything to make the game 100% some loopholes and shortcuts are necessary to make the time limit. But other than that I can see potential for the game, those things do need fixed first but it's 90% there already. Would love to see a more fleshed out version with those fixed problems fixed and more of a story

Thank you for the feedback & I agree with you. I am also glad you understand about it being a gamejam game & that time is restricted on these things. Not to mention I also have a full time job & I am also a father of 3 little ones so yeah! Time really is stretched. Glad you liked it overall & to absolutely no one's surprise, yes the game is being expanded upon in quite a bit of detail. I have a couple of other projects I am looking at completing first, then I will be back to this.

Cool game, really enjoyed it. I made a video of it as well.


Thank you so much for playing my game. Left you a comment on YouTube & also dropped you a sub. Thanks again & glad you liked it. You rock!

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Great game mate.

-Nightshade Creations

Thank you so much!

Breh so good breh


Thanks bruh!

nice gameee

Thank you so much for playing! Left you a comment on YT & a sub. Glad you liked the game :)

Ill be playing this game tomorrow I'm getting all my extra video stuff set up for it haven't found a indie horror game that has made me jump yet I'm hoping this is the one ill be posting my walkthrough as soon as its public thanks see you all soon!


Looking forward to it my friend.

really enjoyed this please check out my play through below x 


I left you a comment on YT & also left you a sub. Glad you liked the game, make sure to follow on itchio for more updates on this & also for new exciting projects.


Last game I played. Not bad

Thanks so much for playing. Glad you enjoyed it. The game will be heavily expanded making full use of the mechanics you saw in this teaser.

dropped you a comment and a sub on your YouTube.

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