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This game is TRIPPY! Very much enjoyed it!

eyyy thanks so much man. Really appreciate it. 

Comedic he seems but horrific HE IS hahaha at times I didn't know whether to laugh along or bite my tongue and keep my mouth shut! I didn't know much about PCM, so this game definitely acts as a nice introduction to the colorful man himself.

Great Work!


thanks man

Very creepy game. Great job! 

Thanks so much for playing and the kind words!

Hiya my dear Aaron! Thanks so much for making this game, it truly reminded me of another amazing game made by you After Hours! I was quite shocked to know that you did almost all of the Voice Acting, there were some scenes I thought it was hilarious to record and that made the game even cooler. It was a nice mix between horror, puzzles and comedy to me, I did enjoy playing this one! Congrats on the release and also winning the Gamejam!

Thanks Anii! That means so much to me for you to say that. Yeah i felt i did a good job on thr VA despite having to make the game as well haha! Really appreciate you taking the time to play as per usual!

Those puzzles were so well made. I do wish it was a bit scary but I had a great time playing this one...

Thanks for playing. Yeah, I wanted to go in a different direction for this one. 

A lot more creepy than I expected it to be. Overall, it was a fun experience that I didn't expect. I don't think I did some of the puzzles correctly, but I made it to the end. I would say that the end "fight" could have been more interesting as I kinda just ran with no real fear of getting caught, but it did look cool. I didn't know this character existed before playing this and another game so I don't know anything about him and if this is a accurate portrayal of him but it was cool nonetheless.This game starts at the 4 minute mark.

Thanks for checking it out!

I love Primary Color Man !

I love you!!!

What a Great play. The game definitely gives me a IT/ ALT universe vibe. The Puzzles will make you think! which is good. Thank you for bringing this Monstrosity of a thing to life (Primary Color Man). I suggest everyone give this a try.


Thanks so much Drew! You the best!

drew the dude

This was hot! You pretty much killed it on this one! I was not ready for those puzzles though lol. I definitely got stuck.

Thanks so much for playing bro! Appreciate you as always!

This was fantastic! I'm glad you decided to go for the story mode route instead of just survival horror. The soundtrack, voice acting, atmosphere everything was top notch! Great work! 

PS. Discovered for the first time that I'm nauseous to bright colors while playing this. I'm already sweating as I write this review lmao


oh no! Sorry to hear that. Primary Color Man is bleeding into your real world! 

All jokes aside, thanks so much for playing. I loved your video. Cool thumbnail as well. Keep it up. Appreciate you buddy. Please remember to follow me on itchio for updates on new releases. 

Primary Color Man, story mode? Yes please!

Love the thumbnail! Thanks so much for playing! left you some love on YouTube : ) Make sure to follow me on itchio to stay up to date with more games coming soon


Awesome! ❤️


Thank you!

Really fun game and a great unique spin on the primary color man game jam. Definitely would recommend trying as it feels a lot different than other attempts!

Thank you so much for the kind words and for playing :D

It was so fun and special.
But it was hard because there were a lot of bugs. ㅜㅜ

Thanks for playing. What were the bugs? Please can you be more specific as this helps me. Thank you.

I see you were playing an older version of the game. I saw one bug in your video that was already fixed. Sorry about that : ) if you intend to play again, please download the latest version :)


Thank you so much. Left you some love on YouTube

Turns out Primary Color Man was kind of an A-hole. Nice game though. 🙂👍

Glad the game wasn't an asshole too ;)

The game was nice and fine. The problem that I have was some puzzles were hard like the tiles. Good job man, this was a great game.


Thank you! really appreciate the kind words. Sorry about the puzzles. I've enjoyed people both breezing through them and also getting stuck. Maybe they were a bit too hard but I think sometimes puzzles need to be hard. The color tile puzzles is dead simple though. Just do the 4 corners, then the center. Hehe

Ur welcome! . It's fine man, and yeah your right sometimes puzzles need to be hard. Also wait it's 4 corners, then the center,  screw me man. I think I was piss, because I didn't know how the mechanics work in that level. But still it was a fun journey playing it, the whole thing was sweet. 

- good job bro :)


thanks man :)

good job on the game overall ! i got mad a bit at the end but i hope you enjoy the vid nonetheless with the trash jokes me and pcm do through it :D

Thanks so much for playing!

Really interesting game, and very spooky in places. Primary Color Man is very unsettling. :) 

I did get physically stuck in the area with the dials - I jumped down to a place where a wall of spikes had previously chased me, and couldn't get out since the wall had blocked my exit. Small thing, and I absolutely plan on going back in to finish this because I'm very intrigued.

Nice work!

Thanks so much for the kind words! Oh that's great feedback. I will certainly address this and push an update. Really appreciate this!

I Really enjoyed this game :), you did amazing job :) Very good work XD The Puzzles were good  XD . Keep up the good work my friend :) Here's my video

Thank you for playing! Loved the video!


This was fantastic! Great voice acting, a nice balance of humor and horror, interesting surreal environments, mind bending puzzles, and a great back story. This game has it all! I really enjoyed this!

Thanks so much for playing dude. Glad you liked it. Yeah it was a challenge doing 90% of all the voice acting and my 4 year old did a great job. 

Appreciate you Taking the time to play it Adrionic :)









Had a lot of fun playing this game so great job as usual Aaron! The game made me restart twice unfortunately but the game was interesting enough for me to try again both times, good work :)


Thank you Stella!

What part gave you the issues just out of intrest?

The part where the wall drops and kills you, I was stuck in the wall and the restart screen wasn't working, also when you take the drawing from the clown, the character got stuck with the drawing and was running into a wall at the same time, which was also a problem through out the game in some parts where the character does not stop walking for some reason, I think it happens when you get out of the notes or go through the doors sometimes.

That was a nice game! I like how the levels were build and the different puzzles in them! It made you think but wasn’t too hard! The only problem I had was, that after I died the one time, the game wouldn’t continue and I had to restart it. But it still was fun!  Good job! (: 

hi, thanks so much for playing. Where exactly did you die? And what do you mean that it didn't restart? The more info you can provide the better as I thought this wasn't an issue.

It’s at 34:22 in my video. It happened when the ceiling was coming down. 

thank you!

GoodKhoas playthrough
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Pretty sexy graphics, I mean what do you expect it's from my homeboy.

Also paint looks really tasty right now.

Puzzles were okay, not too bad. It took my 2 AM brain some time though :P

The "secret" song at the end of the game is amazing, would secret song again.

The only thing is that the boss is the best time I have ever had walking and pressing a button. So uh not a bad boss by any means, just kinda boring.


Other than that, a solid 8/10. Just play it. It's free, short, and best of all it's better than Poppy Playtime and the In The Hall Of Faces By Obama Series.

lol thanks for playing man. Appreciate the kind words. I think the faces of Obama series was better though IMO. 


I can't believe I actually beat the game! This game is bonkers right off the start and doesn't shy away from its creativity! I love the complicated puzzles and the story that revolves around the original video! Such a cool game! GREAT JOB

thanks so much for playing my dude. Left you a like and a sub and a comment! Thanks for sticking through the puzzles. NO HAND HOLDING HERE!!!!

so first off i really love the concept of it and got to record a decent amount of it, and really loved what i played, but i was riddled with issues through not going to lie, first i think you should give more options for graphics other than low, medium, high because as soon as i pressed low it messed with my obs big time, second, i think there needs to be better checkpoints in the game, as at certainty points if i died then it would start me right back to the beginning, and third this one being the more bigger of issue and the reason i have to abandon the recording is because i got to the puzzle were u open the doors with the clock things and i was in the room were pcm was holden an envelop as soon as i tried to grab it my character started walking on its own the mouse icon came on the screen and essentially i could do nothing, i had to exit out and i wasn't willing to start again just incase it done it again, i hope that u dont think i am ripping on the game because i really love what you want to do with it and honestly without the issues its probably the best pcm i have played, so i would really appreciate if you could look into this so that i could possibly try again id love to feature this on my channel because i have played all pcm games so far to my knowledge thanks for your time 

hi, thanks for playing and sorry about the issues. In regards to the options, they are actually the safest way of doing them as they are just console commands. I can't speak as to why it screwed with your OBS but for me (who also uses OBS) this wasn't an issue. I also don't think adding more options would be a solution to the OBS thing since it sounds like the way it reacted to it was something else entirely. Engine wise, there is only one way to do these options and that is through console command lines so it wouldn't act any differently. The checkpoint system I will certainly take on board, but I always ask people to bear in mind that with these game jam games we have to make these in very limited time on top of life, responsibilities, jobs etc etc and adding a lot of work like checkpoints into very small games like this is just more time we have to put into something. But like I said. I'll see what I can do. 

To your final point I will certainly take a look at that, but none of our testers experienced it so I'll go back and look tomorrow. 

Thanks again for the time you put into it and I'll certainly let you know when it's updated. Thanks again :)

no problem well as i said i recorded it so i have it all on a video i could email a video of the issue if it helps 

That would be great. I am also just about to push an update that fixes a couple of things can reach me at or just hit me up on discord and we can chat there. Discord link is in the description.

Great atmosphere , story and mechanics good job 

Thank you for playing dude. Really appreciate it :)

Cool game!

Thanks for playing!

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great jobs

thanks so much for playing!

Fantastic job mate, very creative, those environments were great. I did run into a few bugs, during the opening I pressed P and become soft-locked. Also during the multiple option colour puzzle with the heart and the suit, I died and after I loaded back into that puzzle, the wall would not collapse after all the puzzle pieces were set, I also ran into an issue near the last math puzzle area, once the ceiling killed me I just fell out of world, this was a really cool entry though aside from the issues.

Ahhh thanks for letting me know. I must have left the pause menu in the build which i shouldnt have so will get that updated. Ill double check the colour puzzle as that hasnt been an issue for people who doed and had to redo it. The final math puzzle if you get squished should just display a death widget. Did this not happen?

Thanks again for playing.

Hey there, the widget appeared for a second, and then it just disappeared, not too sure what happened, sorry I can't give more info, I was on my lunch break at work so had to rush back. No problem at all the game was a pleasure to play.

OK, thanks for the feedback. I'll deffo look into that as there isn't any reason why it should dissappear 


Visual masterpiece! 

In fact, this is the most visually stunning and impressive game I've played since a long time. The game is very cinematic. It does not feel like a game and more like a story, a full movie, where you interact as a hopeless and lost character. 

Besides the visuals, the game has a decent choice of music and sound effects. Rarely I see the distinction between high quality ambience and low quality ambience, but playing this with headphones proved me wrong - there is actually a big difference between this game and many other games, which tend to have good audio. 

The smoothness of the game shows how much work was done with the engine itself. Most of the time, Unreal games are poorly balance and lag, especially on a low end PCs. But this worked as if the game was made in Unity and this is not discrediting the engine, on the opposite - it shows that proper coding can improve the game's performance vastly, compare to just putting things together. 

Finally the story and the legend himself. I did read a bit of jokey sentence about not wanting to make "chase-based game", considering that the previous 2 games for this Jam are just that, having no lore and background and the fact is, the game shines a bright light on the character itself. That mysterious, yet familiar character, kind of like Joker, but less grounded and more like an entity. I liked that. I don't necessarily agree with all the choices about the character, but overall, the story is special and invoking the feels of this mythos. 

Now, I did catch 2 major Easter Eggs from "The Silence of The Lambs" and "Suspiria", but I think those were not intentional? I really want to know if those were there for a reason or if you came up with it, because that was brilliant. 

In conclusion, I really don't have to say much, the game will boom in couple of hours and become the most "goat" game for the character in 2-3 days.

Superb job Aaron! 


awww thanks Niven. I really appreciate that. Means alot. In response to your question about Suspira, yeah I came up with the idea that I implemented. So glad you liked that. I had a lot of fun making the game and working flat out in such a short amount of time but I did want to participate. Obviously I have some bigger projects that I'm working on but working on smaller stuff helps me focus from time to time. Anyway, thanks again for the comment and keep doing what you are doing as well. Your game shows a lot of promise also, so I'll be watching and obviously, I'm always here to offer guidance. 

That's so nice of you Aaron. Thanks. Can't wait for people to enjoy this masterpiece. Wonder what the reactions will be 🥳🥳🥳




Thanks for playing mate. Appreciate it!