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dude this scared the shit out of me lol


TLDR: really good for only being made in apparently 30minutes, had a hard time seeing but could also only be an issue on my end. gonna try to get a friend to blindly play it and see their reaction lmao

Although the many warnings displayed on the screen, I chose not to listen and launch the application. Met with the quiet whispers of many invisible to my eyes, I treaded onwards through the dimly lit environment, discovering rooms and new sights to see. My journey ended abruptly as I headed down the last dark hallway, only to be met with a levitating spectre, approaching me at a speed which it had already reached me before I had a chance to react.

but in all seriousness i went in knowing there would be a jumpscare and that it was jokey, and i was definitely not disappointed. i don't do well with jumpscare spooks and a lot of spooks in general, but this left me and my boyfriend(who watched me play) dumbstruck and laughing by the end lmao. 8/10 would recommend

-2 points because there could've been a little more, and was a bit hard to see, but considering this was apparently made in only 30 minutes, it's really good, but this also comes from someone who's never touched a bit of code in his life. this is longer than it needed to be.

Very fair & I seriously appreciate the timenyou too to weite this. You are the best! Happy holidays to you friend :)

"I Love What You Have Done To This Place!" Don't Play This Game: WillBotch

Very quick Horror experience with a decor and wallpaper style I enjoyed.

Was a bit creepy as I search for what terrors were ready to pounce.

Love this game but wish there was more

I know... maybe u should expand on it?

I almost threw my mouse.  10/10

haha sorry not sorry. Glad you enjoyed it. 

wtf my heart almost stopped!

bro I'm so sorry bro. 😞 

My timbers have shivered


as long as your timbers are still standing. That's fine. 

The ending was not expected. Great build up to something so simple yet effective!

Happy Halloween!

Is a fun short game.

Happy Halloween!

Enjoyed this short little horror game...can't believe I got jumpscared but we move :') Thought the aesthetic of the game was cool! Gameplay is below if interested, it's the first game :)

Thanks so much bro!


BLEHHHHH :P i am NOT doing that u can't make me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P


Oh i know my memes. Mwahahah

Lol wow what an ending! loved it!

Thanks bro





Thank you so much

I'm sorry but I played it, and here's the proof!



I don't know if this game is good or not, haven't played it

*schwing* ok!


I'm totally not playing this game right now


I totally don't believe you 

Why Aaron? Why?





I definitely DID (not) play this game! See, I definitely didn't!!


I see you....... I see you playing


Great jump scare! For a game made in 30 min its def worth the play!

Thank you very much!

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Don't Watch This Video!


I can't help myself. I must watch!




Who ever made this game is a asshole im sorry but wtf did i just play lmao like that ending jumpscare was legendary but bro did they really have to do that i liked it though it got me good had me throwing my headphones off my head 



It was a joke game. Not everything I make is to be taken seriously. It was 30 minutes of my time. That's it. 30 minutes & it got to number 2 on itchio...

If that's being an asshole. I'll be an asshole everyday of the week. 

Good day to you sir 


That's true like i said its a good game i ain't gonna lie that last jump scare got me and good day to you too sir 

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this game is so horrifying that it brought my computer to its knees i was literally unable to play it becauyse my gpu awas at 405%

let's hope people get the sarcasm lol 

Do Not Play This Game. 

Good job dev but sorry about the abuse in the gameplay XP

No worries. I put the U in abuse.

sorry  i played

Sorry i watched XD

Genuinely had me freaked out at the start but the ending was legendary, hahaha. Here's my playthrough if anyone is interested:

Thanks so much  really pleased you liked it




Sorry... I played the game.

sorry. I watched your video

Holy hell, this game scared the livings out of me! At first didn't think it was scary.. HAHA! I was really wrong. Thanks for the midnight scare!




Thanks so mucn for playing & gladbit managed to scare you


Me pegou de surpresa por durar pouco, mas deu um cagaço kkkkkk 


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(Start at 20:46) I went against all odds and played this game. I am but a remnant of a soul now. I have yet to move on. I must hear... The sound of that one more time...  Aughhhhhhhhh!!!! Anyways GG it was short but gave me the biggest reaction out of all the three games I had played.

Thanks dude. Appreciate ya!

no problem

To the developer,



  Your Uncle DJ


thanks DJ!

No sir, Thank you

You got me. I screamed like a child. Good job!

hahaha nice! Thanks so much for playing!

are you turkish?

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No. Are you?

Without giving spoilers, I cannot believe I was scared by what I was scared. Loved it.


Haha thank you

Soo.... Dont play this game right? Well I ignored all warning signs and PLAYED THIS GAME!

1st game!

thank you for playing sir

Solid game for only being made in 30 minutes! Great for getting a good jumpscare or laugh for those who have already played.

The sole intention of this game & you got it. Thanks for playing it!


The title is to be taken literally.
It could have been a decent game with more development time and actual tension building.
Right now it looks more like a test project or a turbojam concept with a clickbait title.

Thanks! You nailed it. This game was a meme & wasnt supposed to be taken seriously, nor was that the goal. Thank you for your input, but i guess you got it wrong this time.

I liked this game , gave me a great laugh which I really needed 😂😁

Glad I could help you bud. Thanks so much for playing

Yes just yes


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