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This game was short and funny, I really enjoyed it! (here is my playthrough if anyone is interested! game starts at 5:24)

thanks for playing dude!

"You got me" lol 😂😂

haha thanks so much for playing! 

Got trolled 😂 ggs 

thanks bro 😊 

All I'm going to say is..."You got me" lol

Haha. Welcome to the family son!

Este juego
Este juego corto me dejó con ganas de más. Espero ver más juegos en el futuro.


I played it anyway.. despite the title ( ^.^)

thanks so much 😄

fuuny and scary good

thank you!


Eyyyyyyy nice!

seems to be a good short funny spook esp if it was made in 30 mins! so gg dev

This game was very entertaining, also pretty funny ending. I had a good time playing, pretty good for a game made in such a short amount of time! 10/10 (second game on the video)

thank you so much



this game was really interesting for being made in 30 minutes, the ending actually really scared the fuck outta me, but i laughed and clapped when it was over, i almost threw my mouse lmfao, but i give this a 8 out of ten, -2 points because it could've been longer, i hope this doesn't come off as rude. you should make more games! this one was fucking wonderful. i loved it!

No not at all. I get that a lot. It was just something fun I made in a single evening & I knew what I wanted to do with it. 

That being said, maybe people want an extended version. 🤔 

dude this scared the shit out of me lol


TLDR: really good for only being made in apparently 30minutes, had a hard time seeing but could also only be an issue on my end. gonna try to get a friend to blindly play it and see their reaction lmao

Although the many warnings displayed on the screen, I chose not to listen and launch the application. Met with the quiet whispers of many invisible to my eyes, I treaded onwards through the dimly lit environment, discovering rooms and new sights to see. My journey ended abruptly as I headed down the last dark hallway, only to be met with a levitating spectre, approaching me at a speed which it had already reached me before I had a chance to react.

but in all seriousness i went in knowing there would be a jumpscare and that it was jokey, and i was definitely not disappointed. i don't do well with jumpscare spooks and a lot of spooks in general, but this left me and my boyfriend(who watched me play) dumbstruck and laughing by the end lmao. 8/10 would recommend

-2 points because there could've been a little more, and was a bit hard to see, but considering this was apparently made in only 30 minutes, it's really good, but this also comes from someone who's never touched a bit of code in his life. this is longer than it needed to be.

Very fair & I seriously appreciate the timenyou too to weite this. You are the best! Happy holidays to you friend :)

"I Love What You Have Done To This Place!" Don't Play This Game: WillBotch

Very quick Horror experience with a decor and wallpaper style I enjoyed.

Was a bit creepy as I search for what terrors were ready to pounce.

Love this game but wish there was more

I know... maybe u should expand on it?

I almost threw my mouse.  10/10

haha sorry not sorry. Glad you enjoyed it. 

wtf my heart almost stopped!

bro I'm so sorry bro. 😞 

no it was a really scary game! don't be sorry.

My timbers have shivered


as long as your timbers are still standing. That's fine. 

The ending was not expected. Great build up to something so simple yet effective!

Happy Halloween!

Is a fun short game.

Happy Halloween!

Enjoyed this short little horror game...can't believe I got jumpscared but we move :') Thought the aesthetic of the game was cool! Gameplay is below if interested, it's the first game :)

Thanks so much bro!


BLEHHHHH :P i am NOT doing that u can't make me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P


Oh i know my memes. Mwahahah

Lol wow what an ending! loved it!

Thanks bro





Thank you so much

I'm sorry but I played it, and here's the proof!



I don't know if this game is good or not, haven't played it

*schwing* ok!


I'm totally not playing this game right now


I totally don't believe you 

Why Aaron? Why?





I definitely DID (not) play this game! See, I definitely didn't!!


I see you....... I see you playing


Great jump scare! For a game made in 30 min its def worth the play!

Thank you very much!

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Don't Watch This Video!


I can't help myself. I must watch!




Who ever made this game is a asshole im sorry but wtf did i just play lmao like that ending jumpscare was legendary but bro did they really have to do that i liked it though it got me good had me throwing my headphones off my head 



It was a joke game. Not everything I make is to be taken seriously. It was 30 minutes of my time. That's it. 30 minutes & it got to number 2 on itchio...

If that's being an asshole. I'll be an asshole everyday of the week. 

Good day to you sir 


That's true like i said its a good game i ain't gonna lie that last jump scare got me and good day to you too sir 

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this game is so horrifying that it brought my computer to its knees i was literally unable to play it becauyse my gpu awas at 405%

let's hope people get the sarcasm lol 

Do Not Play This Game. 

Good job dev but sorry about the abuse in the gameplay XP

No worries. I put the U in abuse.

sorry  i played

Sorry i watched XD

Deleted 245 days ago

Thanks so much  really pleased you liked it




Sorry... I played the game.

sorry. I watched your video

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